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The Augsburg Research Centre of European and American Law (AREA) under the direction of Professor Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers is a centre for the cooperation of American and German academics within a legal context.
Especially in the area of law enforcement, US-American law is ahead of German or national law. Keywords such as "punitive damages" and "deep pocket doctrine" are commonplace in the US legal system and ensure that the law is followed.

Dean Morant


The current Volkswagen scandal clearly shows how interwoven our markets are. Globalization poses the challenge to legal science that despite sometimes considerable differences in the various legal systems, it must be ensured that customers of the same company are not put at a disadvantage by the fact that they are subject to a different legal system that provides less effective law enforcement mechanisms.


Guest professors

The Research Centre is proud of its cooperation with numerous guest professors from the Anglo-American area. Here you will find a list of the various professors and universities with whom we have been in close contact for years.



Contact visit in Washington: Cooperation with the GWU School of Law


To deepen the cooperation with the George Washington University School of Law, Prof. Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers traveled to Washington on March 23, 2022. There he met Prof. Jeffrey Manns and the international students from Augsburg. In discussions, Prof. Dr. Möllers arranged for Augsburg to receive another exchange position at GWU Law School in the future. Starting in the winter semester of 2022, five Augsburg students will be able to study there as part of the USA exchange program.

GWU Studenten Austausch

The International Lawyer 03/2021


The article "The Wirecard Accounting Scandal in Germany, and How the Financial Industry Failed to Spot It" has been published in the current issue 3/2021 of the "The International Lawyer".
The first insolvency of a company listed on the German DAX index has had an enormous impact. In his article Professor Möllers aims to demonstrate why there has been a failure of the entire financial industry if not a single one of the players intervene, even though all market participants are aware of the allegations of inaccurate accounting. The causes lie in behavioural finance, but also the inadequate state of German and European capital markets law.

Int. Lawyer 2021

New Podcast


This is the latest podcast by Professor Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers and his team. The podcast reports in short sequences on interesting legal issues, judgements and classifies questions of current legal-political affairs.

In the first two episodes, Professor Thomas M.J. Möllers deals with the Wirecard scandal and shows perspectives on how to avoid further stock market scandals.

Listen in - we appreciate your interest!


Publication: Hugo/Möllers (Ed.) Legal Certainty and Fundamental Rights


In cooperation with the University of Johannesburg, the Faculty of Law organised a conference in summer 2019 entitled "Legal Certainty and Fundamental Rights". The lectures were compiled into a conference volume, which has now been published as Volume 89 of the Augsburger Rechtsstudien (...).

Cover Legal Certainty




The Augsburg Summer Program 2022 takes place from June 20th to July 29th.

Despite the uncertainties regarding the global delevopments with SARS-CoV-2, the 2022 Summer Program will take place in any case. At this point we expect the program can be carried out with on-site lectures as planned. However, should the global pandemic situation continue to affect the visa availability, we will offer an online solution as backup. We will therefore do our best to ensure that you can participate in our Summer Program.

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