The ceremony took place in the Small Golden Hall in Augsburg, a late baroque ballroom of the former Augsburg Jesuit College of St. Salvator. During the ceremony, Professor Brauneis was awarded a well-deserved honorary doctorate from the University of Augsburg in recognition of his significant contributions in the field of intellectual property and competition law.


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The graduating class of 2022/23 is the first to graduate jointly with the University of Augsburg and TUM and thus occupies a special place in the history of the MIPLC.


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Speakers on the evening included:

  • Master of Ceremonies, Prof. Dr. Michael Kort, Council of the MIPLC project advisory board, Faculty of Law of the Augsburg University

  • Vice President Prof. Dr. Peter Welzel, Augsburg University

  • Prof. Dr. Gregor Kirchhof, Dean, Faculty of Law of the Augsburg University

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers, Faculty of Law of the Augsburg University

  • Prof. Dr. Josef Drexl, Direktor, Max-Planck-Institut für Innovation und Wettbewerb and Chairman of the MIPLC project advisory board

The Oehm Prize, which is awarded annually to the MIPLC graduate with the best grade point average in his or her year, was presented to Michelle Rafenomanjato Noro, who received the prize from Prof. Josef Drexl, Director of the MPI and Chairman of the MIPLC Project Committee, to the applause of her classmates and the guests.


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At the end of the event, Prof. Drexl thanked the sponsors and supporters and emphasized the importance of this graduating class, which represents a milestone in the 20-year history of the MIPLC.

We congratulate them wholeheartedly and look forward to the further success stories of our graduates.

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