The Center for European Legal Studies (CELOS) was founded in 1990 and focuses on European Civil and Economic Law, including European Union Law and the Law of the Member States of the EU. In addition, the CELOS members conduct research in Comparative Law; in particular, they compare European Law and Anglo-American Law.


Task of the institute is to promote legal studies on European, Foreign and International Law. The Augsburg Summer Program is one instrument to support this objective. Every year, students of many countries have the opportunity to attend English lectures in Augsburg. These lectures are held not only by Professors of the University of Augsburg, but also by international Professors of Augsburg’s partner universities. Thus, these international and comparative lectures supplement the legal studies in Augsburg.


For many years, thanks to the well-known exchange program of Augsburg, students of the Faculty of Law of the University of Augsburg have the possibility to study abroad. The students can chose between six universities in the United States, two universities in China and one university in South Africa. The Institute CELOS supports the exchange program in contacting the foreign legal scholars in order to strengthen the exchange of German and Foreign law students.


CELOS also supports the purchase of important books in the law library, which deal with relevant European, Foreign and International Law topics. On top of that, a comprehensive online database of German and European Economic Law, named CAPLAW, has been established.


Further, the purpose of CELOS is to support the legal research on European, Foreign and International Law. The center reaches this aim in holding conferences, symposiums, and external funds projects. The managing director of CELOS also holds a Jean-Monnet-Chair ad personam and is the head of the Jean-Monnet Centre of Excellence European Integration – Rule of Law and Enforcement ( INspiRE).