The demographic trend in Germany is dramatic: fewer and fewer people in employment will have to face a growing number of people of retirement age. The labor shortage is already being felt in almost all areas. It is still unclear how pensions are to be financed sustainably with increasing life expectancy. One of the proposed solutions is to extend working life. It is therefore in the interests of all concerned to improve the opportunities for voluntary longer employment.

The willingness to work longer is disproportionately high among professors; the current, economically sensible regulations under civil service and higher education law already make this possible. In practice, however, the way in which this is handled by universities varies greatly, leading to a patchwork in the German higher education landscape.

This interdisciplinary volume examines the relevant aspects of civil service, higher education and European law and comparative law as well as the economic effects of a potential adjustment of the retirement age. With concrete proposals from a legal and economic perspective, the "Augsburg-Freiburg Theses" further develop the current law in a practical way.


2023. XII, 181 Seiten. UOrd 73 ISBN 978-3-16-162739-2 Leinen 89,00 € ISBN 978-3-16-162740-8 eBook PDF 89,00 €

Table of contents:


Lars P. Feld/Thomas M.J. Möllers: Foreword

Lars P. Feld/Thomas M.J. Möllers: Introduction

Martina Benecke: The findings - the regional patchwork

Max-Emanuel Geis: The extension of the employment relationship in the thicket between civil service law and self-administration under higher education law

Stefanie Schmahl: Age discrimination - special features in European law

Jeffrey M. Hirsch: Age Discrimination and Faculty Retirement: The Situation in the United States

Birgitta Wolf/Marylen Reschop: Distinguished Professorships at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main: A Case Study

Michael Krause: Budgetary implications of a higher retirement age for professors

Thomas M.J. Möllers: Methodological legal questions on the meaningful specification of regulations on the extension of the length of service of university professors

Lars P. Feld/Thomas M.J. Möllers: Augsburg-Freiburg Theses on Securing Prosperity through Voluntary Longer Employment

Lars P. Feld

Holder of the Chair of Economic Policy and Regulatory Economics at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Director of the Walter Eucken Institute Freiburg; 2011-2021 Member and from 2020 Chairman of the German Council of Economic Experts; since 2022 Personal Representative of the Federal Minister of Finance for Macroeconomic Development.

Thomas M.J. Möllers

Holder of the Chair of Civil Law, Commercial Law, European Law, Private International Law and Comparative Law at the University of Augsburg; Managing Director of the Center for European Legal Studies (CELOS); Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Money and Currency Foundation