Since October 2019, training for doctors at the Medical Faculty of the University of Augsburg is provided through a model medical programme. The model character of the programme is particularly evident in the fact that the programme is not divided into a preclinical phase (natural and social sciences, theoretical foundations of medicine) and a subsequent clinical phase (clinical-theoretical and clinical disciplines), but rather preclinical basic sciences and clinical contents are taught in an integrated manner. In this way, students gain insights into medical practice at an early stage, as well as experiencing contact and interaction with patients. The personal development of students is particularly encouraged by targeted training in social and communication skills. The study programme combines the following core elements:


  • Integration of the biopsychosocial model of health and illness as a guiding principle.
  • Learner-centred, activating teaching that enables multi-perspective thinking and interdisciplinary work.

  • A skills-based curriculum, with early patient contact and dovetailing of preclinical and clinical-theoretical subjects with clinical teaching.

  • Clearly defined teaching objectives within an organ and topic-centred, interdisciplinary and integrated curriculum.

  • Acquisition of scientific competence through scientific training from the first year of study.

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The goal of the model programme is to provide a good professional education, geared towards the acquisition of medical skills and roles. It is of particular importance to us to support students in their professional development as doctors in the best possible way.


To this end, the lecturers create suitable learning opportunities that help students acquire medical knowledge and practical skills. With their clinical and scientific experience, they also act as potential role models for students to follow.


We trust in the commitment of our students to take responsibility for their own learning progress. Building a good teaching and learning environment with a community of teachers and students is particularly important to us in Augsburg. We see ourselves as a learning community of students, teachers and course developers, constantly improving our programme through lively discussion and mutual respect. In a good learning environment, learning and teaching are not only more fun, but can also result in better study outcomes.


The model programme is a modular programme. This structure is perfect for our teaching philosophy, enabling us to help students achieve their educational goals in the best possible way. A special feature are the clinical and scientific longitudinal courses, which run as central strands throughout the entire programme and support students from the first semester onwards in developing medical skills and their professional identity. In this way, we also give a high priority to the scientific education of these future doctors.

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Some facts

About the degree programme
Degree programme: Human Medicine - Augsburg Competency-Based Medical Program
Official Designation: Humanmedizin (Modellstudiengang)
Degree: state examination (stex)
Study mode: Full-time
Language of instruction: German
Start of studies: winter semester
Standard study duration: 13 semesters
Admission type: Nationwide restricted admission
Minimum German language skills: C 1
Please note: Applications for the 1st subject semester are only possible for the winter semester. For higher subject semesters, applications are only possible from the 5th subject semester onwards based on having passed the first section of the medical examination. Applications for a higher subject semester are also possible for the summer semester from the 6th subject semester onwards on the same basis. Exceptions to the application deadline for the winter semester: the application deadline for old high school graduates is 31.05.; the application deadline for rural doctor quota/quota for public health service is 28.02. Introductory events take place closely before the start of the lecture period: http://www.uni-augs… start of the lecture period: https://www.uni-aug…
Application deadline for the summer semester: 15. January
Application deadline for the winter semester: 15. July