New staff member at the Institute of Mathematics

Collected data for IT to inform new staff members

Some of the linked websites provide only information in german.


  • The account will be generated as:
    • Former students of the University Augsburg keep their account.
    • For new staff member who had not worked for the University augsburg for the last six months, the account will be generated by the personal department. The relevant data for the account is sent to the DV-Betreuer, who then informs the responsible secretary or professor. A direct information of the new staff member is not possible.
  • The account is neccessary for the following services of the University Augsburg:
  • To change your password use this  website.
Regarding to the rule of the DV-Betreuer in this process, there can be made some statements:
  • The DV-Betreuer hst no access to the system for the personal administration or the process that transfers the account to the IDM.
  • New account data will be relayed immediatly after the neccessary work (e-mail subscription and permissions) will be done. This will only be delayed if the DV-Betreuer is not avaiable (vaccation or illness).
  • Your E-Mail-Address should be:
    Firstname is only the first component and can end with a number, surname will include all parts.
  • Will be integrated in the e-mail lists by the  DV-Betreuer, as long as he is informed:
    • With new staff members from extern this should happen automatically after the personal department created the data set, which leads to a new RZ-Account.
    • If the new staff member comes from intern and is already a member of the University Augsburg then the responsible chair (professor or secretary) has to inform the DV-Betreuer. The following information is needed: name, surname and RZ-Account.
  • The configuration details and an introduction to the webmail can be found here. If you run in problems with the configuration (not for translation) contact  DV-Betreuer .


For publications you should use a ResearcherID. Common places to get one are  ORCID  or  Publon. The benefits are:

  • central identification with a global id with contact information.
  • the contact information are only stored in the corresponding webportal and can always be changed.
  • grants a simple communication with journals and readers of the journals even after leaving the university.
  • Will be provided by the responsible chair, please do not use workstations from an other chair without former arrangement.
  • Workstation which belong to the university can be installed by  DV-Betreuer with Windows 10, Ubuntu LTS or macOS always in the newest version.
  • The university provides a named licence for ms-office.
  • Detailed information about the login in the workstations can be found here.
  • Are provided by the chair. Consumable materials can be provided or ordered by the secretary.
  • If neccessary printers can be installed by the . For this the needs the following information, either name, mac-address or IP in the network. To install printers that are owned by an other chair, this chair has to confirm the sharing.
  • Informations about printing with the copier are here.
  • Website.
  • For support you can ask the DV-Betreuer
  • Normally all staff members should have the status „dozent“, if not contact the DV-Betreuer.
  • Storage space with Backups on tape.
  • Can be used for file transformation between different workstations or within a chair with the  group shares. The group submissions are handled by the .

Place for the following devices:

  • Beamers that can be borrowed for official purpose. Any borrow has to be documented in the corresponding list.
  • Shredder
    • There is a big shredder for more than three sheets. New bags for this shredder are in the right side of the small cabinet.
    • The old shredder can only work with not more than three sheets at once. New bags can be collected from the janitor or the DV-Betreuer.
    Full bags should be placed at the janitor office.
  • Institute printer with color and A3. Can only be used for official prints that are directly related to a job of the central institute of mathematics, this printer is not for private prints or duties of the chairs.
  • Paper for the copier, this paper belongs to the service partner.