Internship during Studies - Lehramt Gymnasium

The internship in TEFL for the teaching profession at secondary schools can be completed in both the winter and summer semester. Prior to this, the pedagogical-didactic school internship and the basic module for TEFL should be completed.


To register contact the Internship Office Swabia by 15 April at the latest for both the winter and the following summer semester.


You can find more information on the Internship Office’s homepage:


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In addition to the school internship, the respective complementary course at the University of Augsburg must be attended. Please register for the course you are interested in as early as possible. (via Digicampus)




Notes on the state exam

Written State Exam Gymnasium (LPO I 2008 & LPO UA 2012)

  1. Legal Basis
    LPO I 2008, § 64
    Completion of the basic, advanced and in-depth module in TEFL
  2. Written Exam
    - one TEFL task (in German language)
    - Time for completion: 3 hours
    - three topics are offered for selection; each topic focuses on one of the four areas mentioned above
  3. Examination requirements in terms of content (LPO I 2008, § 64, (2). 2:
    Subject didactic knowledge according to § 33, in particular
    a) Familiarity with language learning theories and the individual preconditions of language acquisition
    b) Knowledge of the theory and methodology of communicative English teaching
    c) Familiarity with the theories and goals of intercultural learning and their implementation in the classroom
    d) Overview of goals and procedures of text work with regard to intercultural, literary and linguistic educational goals
        ⇒ see also the extensive Reading List of our Chair.
  4. Areas of Requirement
    a) Reproduction
    b) Practical application
    c) Evaluation
  5. Preparation
    a) Thaler. 2013. Englisch unterrichten. Berlin: Cornelsen.
    b) Attendance of the exam colloquium, handouts of the exam colloquium
    c) Reading List of our Chair.