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Aug. 24, 2023

Podcast on Simone M. Müllers newly released book "The Toxic Ship"

Brian Hamilton, chair of the Department of History and Social Sciences at Deerfield Academy, talks with Simone M. Müller about her new book on his New Books Network - Environmental Studies podcast.


In "The Toxic Ship: The Voyage of the Khian Sea and the Global Waste Trade" (University of Washington Press, 2023), Simone M. Müller uses the voyage of the ship as a lens to illuminate the global trade in hazardous waste - the transport of materials ranging from obsolete consumer goods and pesticides to barges carrying all kinds of toxic waste - from the 1970s to the present.



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Buchtitel The Toxic Ship
June 29, 2023

Gastvortrag "The Soviet Union, Whaling, and the Nature of the Twentieth Century"

Im Rahmen der Vorlesung "Geschichte im Anthropozän" und des IDKs Um(Welt)denken" erzählt Ryan Jones, Professor an der University of Oregon, von seinem neuen Buch "Red Leviathan: The Secret History of Soviet Whaling".
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June 12, 2023

"Wie viel Gift verträgt die Welt?"

"Wie viel Gift verträgt die Welt?" - Die Umwelthistorikerin Simone Müller steht ARTE Rede und Antwort in der Sendung "Die Antwort auf fast alles".
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May 4, 2023

New DFG Heisenberg Professor at the University of Augsburg

The University of Augsburg has appointed historian Prof. Dr Simone Müller, an expert on global environmental history and environmental humanities, as new DFG Heisenberg Professor. The sought-after historian, who works in an advisory capacity for the Polish National Science Council, the Academy of Finland, and the Swedish Research Council, researches globalisation processes and the relationship between ecology and economy. In 2017, she was nominated by the German Research Foundation as a leading researcher in her field (Academia.net).

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Prof. Dr. Simone Müller