The Media Effects and Processes Division runs an experimental laboratory with a physiological measuring station and an experimental pool for computer-aided experiments. On completion of the Experimental Research Practice module, students may also use both laboratory areas for Bachelor's and Master's thesis studies.


A Biopac MP 150 system with modules for measuring ECG, EMG, EDA and respiration is used to record psychophysiological processes.

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ECG - Electrocardiogram to record cardiac activity

The ECG can be used to record cognitive processes. Depending on the research interest, it is possible to investigate individual areas such as attention, orientation reactions or the reception or rejection of information

EMG - Electromyogram for measuring muscle activity

In the field of communication science, the EMG is mainly used to measure facial muscle activity. This gives information about the valence (positive - negative) of emotional experience.

EDA - Electrodermal activity of the skin

By changing the bioelectrical property of the skin (e.g. conductivity of electrical impulses) it is possible to investigate the activation state of the human body. The degree of so-called arousal becomes particularly interesting when investigating the intensity of the emotional experience during the reception of, for example, exciting media content.


In addition to measuring bioelectrical signals, respiratory rate can also be measured. Since emotional and cognitive processes also affect respiration, this method provides a meaningful complement to the other physiological measurements.

Experimental pool

An experimental pool with 20 notebooks is available for carrying out computer-aided experiments.

These are equipped with the MediaLab and DirectRT programs, which enable comprehensive media reception, selection and impact studies. For the acquisition of attention processes, additional hand-held switches can be used for RTR measurement.

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