Recent Publications

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Recent publications by the Media Effects and Processes Division (selection)


Naab, T. K., Naab, T. & Brandmeier, J. (2021). Uncivil user comments increase users’ intention to engage in corrective actions and their support for authoritative restrictive actions. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 98(2), 566-588.


Blessing, J. N., Habermeyer, T., & Claus, V. (2021). Natürlich, motivierend, ohne Filter? Eine qualitative Befragung zu der Nutzung des Hashtags ‚Fitspiration‘ auf Instagram und der Körperwahrnehmung junger Männer. kommunikation.medien, 13.


Riedl, M., Naab, T. K., Masullo, G. M., Jost, P. & Ziegele, M. (2021). Who is responsible for interventions against problematic comments? Comparing user attitudes in Germany and the United States. Policy & Internet.