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Working Group Social Resilience


Social resilience is a dynamic field of study that examines the ability of individuals, communities and societies to withstand and recover from various challenges and adversities, and to cope, adapt and transform social structures to better cope with future disturbances.


A particular form of 'threat' has emerged as climate change, pandemics, resource depletion, biodiversity loss or antibiotic resistance become chronic, overwhelming grand challenges for humanity: Threats that require some involvement of science in their definition and resolution, and that are highly contested among societal actors. Our group is dedicated to exploring resilience in such "socio-scientific dilemmas".


The working group, founded in 2022, consists of multidisciplinary researchers from 11 disciplines (communication science, computer science, economics, geography education, history, human geography, law, political science, psychology, sociology and theology) who offer their perspectives to conceptualise and investigate social resilience in socio-scientific dilemmas.