Research Areas

  • Digital Communication
  • Political Communication
  • Gender Media Studies

Research Projects

Digital Stress in the Media (2019-2023)

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Susanne Kinnebrock, Project Manager: Dr. Cordula Nitsch & Hanna-Sophie Rueß, Funding: The Bavarian Research Association ForDigitHealth

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Articles in Journals

Naab, T. K., Ruess, H.-S., & Küchler, C. (2023). The influence of the deliberative quality of user comments on the number and quality of their reply comments. New Media & Society0(0).



Scientific Presentations  


Rueß, H., Schwarzenegger, C., & Kinnebrock, S. (2023). Weaponizing Collective Trauma - Iconography and Narratives of Far-right Conspiracy Myths in Interwar Germany. Accepted presentation at the ECREA  Communication History Section Conference “War, Communication, and Media Resilience in Europe” from the 23rd unti the 25th of August 2023 in Lund/Sweden.

Rueß, H., Schwarzenegger, C., & Kinnebrock, S. (2023). A kaleidoscope of lies – Partisan realities and adaptable conspiracy myths in the 1920s German Nationalist Press. Accepted presentation at the anual IAMCR Confernce from the 09th until the 13th July 2023 in Lyon/France.
Blessing, J., Rueß, H., & Kinnebrock, S. (2023). Do we change our behavior when women tell us to?! Women as credible voices in health communication influencing attitudes and behavioral intentions. Presentation at the ICA-Postconference “Authentic Voices in Science Communication” on the 30th of May 2023 in Toronto/Canada.
Rueß, H. (2023). Female right-wing influencers on social media. Presentation at the ICA Political Communication Graduate Student Preconference on the 25th of May 2023 in Toronto/Canada.
Rueß, H., & Kinnebrock, S. (2023). Zwischen Frauenbewegung und Nationalismus: Die Zeitschrift „Frau und Nation“ (1924-1925) als Alternativmedium und doppelte Gegenöffentlichkeit. Presentation on the anual DGPuK Section Conference for Communication History "Von Emanzipation zu Desinformation? Gegenöffentlichkeiten und ihre Bewertung im Wandel" on the 31st of March in 2023 in Leipzig.

Schwarzenegger, C., Rueß, H., & Kinnebrock, S. (2022). Propaganda and Phantasmagorias of “Resistance” in Right-Wing Counter-Publics. A Diachronic Comparison of the 1920s and 2020s. Presentation on the ECREA-precon of the Communication History Division, 07th October 2022 (online).


Blessing, J., Rueß, H. & Koristka, T. (2022). Womens as Experts? The Influence of Low eHealth Literacy on the Perception of Women as Experts. Presentation on the annual meeting 2022 of DGPuK-section media, public and gender to the topic "gender, health and media, 05th - 07th October 2022 in Augsburg.


Rueß, H. (2022). Female Right Wing Actor on Social Media - Between Tradition, Feminationalism and Resistance. Presentation on the annual meeting 2022 of DGPuK-section media, public and gender to the topic "gender, health and media, 05th - 07th October 2022 in Augsburg..


Rueß, H., Naab, T. & Küchler, C. (2022). The Influence of Deliberative User Comments on the Number and Quality of Their Reply Comments. Presentation at the annual ICA-Conference from the 26th until the 30th May 2022 in Paris.



Rueß, H. (2021). Dynamiken deliberativer Qualität in Nutzerkommentaren auf Facebook. Eine quantitative Inhaltsanalyse von Argumentativität, Inzivilität, Themenabweichung, Kontroverse, Vereinfachung und Emotionalität. Presentation on the Conference for Junior Researchers of the Düsseldorf Political Communication Forum (DFPK)  from the 10th until the 11th September 2021 in Düsseldorf.



  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Publizistik und Kommunikationswissenschaft (DGPUK)
  • European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA)
  • International Communication Association (ICA)


Roles and activities

  • Faculty-representative at the Department of Media, Knowledge and Communication (imwk) at the University of Augsburg (since 2022)

Academic Career


Since 2021 Research Assistant and PhD Candidate at the the Department for Media, Knowledge and Communication, University of Augsburg


Student Assistent for the DFG Research Project „INFO-LE: Evidenzbasierte Gesundheitsinformationen für Patient_innen mit Lungenembolie in der post-akuten Behandlungsphase“ , Prinicpal Invastigators: Prof. Dr. Helena Bilandzic and Dr. Anja Kalch

Student Assistant and Student Teacher at the Division of Public Communication under Prof. Susanne Kinnebrock

2019-2020 Scholarship „Deutschlandstipendium“ of the University of Augsburg

Student Assistent for the DFG Research Project "Gegenseitige Sanktionierung unter NutzerInnen von Kommentarbereichen auf Nachrichtenwebseiten und auf Facebook“, Prinicipal Investigator: Dr. Teresa Naab


Master of Arts in Media and Communication, University of  Augsburg

2015-2018 Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication, University of  Augsburg