Past Conferences

Annual Meeting of the DGPuK-Section Media, Public and Gender on the Topic "Gender, Health and Media (05th - 07th October 2022 in Augsburg)


The Covid-19 pandemic has illustrated how importat bodily and mental health is for human life and the stability of societies. Media play an important role by informing the public, carrying public dabtes, enabling individuals to communicate or functioning as technology for selfcare. 


Within this conference we will look into the different aspects of mental and physical well-being in relation to media and gender (as well as other categories of diversity). We will consider individual media practices as well as public discourse. 



Local organization team in Augsburg:


For the the DGPuK-Section Media, Public and Gender:

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Kathrin Friederike Müller, University of Rostock 

Dr. Corinna Peil, Paris Lodron University Salzburg