The Public Communication Division operates a MediaLab equipped with a crossmedia-station, as well as mobile and stationary eye tracking stations. With the approval of the supervisor, the laboratory areas can also be used by student carry out bachelor and master thesis studies.


Equipped with four high-performance computers, our laboratory for researching convergence is used for the development of new cross-media formats that serve convergent journalism and to study changing patterns of media use under multi-channel conditions (online and mobile).


Contact: Hanna-Sophie Rueß


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The Eye Tracking Station is equipped with an Eye Tracking Monitor and Eye Tracking Goggles. While the monitor is used to examine the gaze and reading behaviour when using different websites for example, the mobile glasses can be used to examine gaze behaviour when mobile media are used in public spaces.


Contact: Hanna-Sophie Rueß





Qualitative field research facilities, e.g. for ethnographic studies or for recording group discussions. 


Contact: Michael Johann




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