In our increasingly interconnected world, the only way to properly view socioeconomic issues is within the backdrop of a global context. Simply put, business, economic and public policy shifts that are experienced locally and regionally must also be understood from an international perspective. To reaffirm our dedication to an international focus, we place all of our research within that frame, we partner with higher education institutions across the globe and we provide all of our students and faculty members with opportunities to root their personal, academic and professional development in internationality.


Modern challenges are inherently complex and require a nuanced approach in order to solve them, which is why we believe in the efficacy of interdisciplinarity. By strategically bringing different areas of study and research together, we can more thoroughly understand the underlying issues at hand and provide better analysis to assist the leaders in our society. To achieve this, we have formed partnerships across not only the different departments in our faculty and the other faculties on our own campus, but also with technical universities, local firms and public and nonprofit organizations that supplement and complement our own expertise.


We strive for sustainability in all that we do, understanding that if we are to address the challenges of the public and private sectors today, it must be with an eye towards the future. From battling climate change, to ensuring business practices account for equity and justice, to promoting young scholars in innovative areas of research; sustainability forms a crucial cornerstone of our mindset and our overall approach.

Members of the board

All professors of the faculty of business and economics are members of the competence center. The current managing board consists of:




Full Professor
Chair of Management & Organisation
Head of Chair
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schultze: Chair of Accounting & Controlling
Head of Chair
Prof. Dr. Robert Ullmann: Betriebswirtschaftliche Steuerlehre
Head of Chair
Faculty of Business and Economics
Head of Chair
Prof. Dr. Daniel Veit: Information Systems und Management
Faculty of Business and Economics

Contact Person

Assistant professor
Chair of Management & Organisation
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  • Room 2518 (Building J)