The chair is responsible for the basic education in mathematics for business and economics. Moreover, we offer advanced courses on operations research, logistics, revenue management, and mathematical standard software (in cooperation with IBM). In seminars and during the development of final theses, current research questions derived from the chair’s research areas are examined.


Teaching aims to convey essential skills in mathematical modeling and the development and application of solution methods for managerial decision problems rather than pure factual knowledge, which can become obsolete.


The chair belongs to the Cluster “Business Analytics and Operations“.


General Note:


Currently, we only offer seminars in the German language. They all have in common that they deal with models and methods from operations research (OR) addressing decision problems from the areas pricing and revenue management as well as last-mile logistics. To participate successfully, you should be familiar with the most common methods from OR like linear and integer programming. For further information, please get in contact with us.