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The BA&O cluster (formerly the Operations & Information Management cluster) teaches skills in topics such as Operations Research, Business Analytics, and Operations Management.

Exemplary questions

As a customer it is easy to order a smartphone on the internet. But for the manufacturer this raises complex issues. Where is the most cost-effective location for my company? How many employees do I need? In what quantities do I store and produce smartphones? At what price do I offer smartphones? How is the delivery of the smartphones organized? When do I need to exchange information with suppliers and dealers? The techniques and methods of Business Analytics & Operations are used to answer these and similar questions.

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Solution approaches

Operations management deals with the sustainable planning and analysis of service and production processes using quantitative methods. In addition to teaching theoretical content in lectures, application-oriented software courses are offered, e.g. the cases courses in the bachelor's program, in which theoretical knowledge is put into practice. Students of the Business Analytics & Operations (BA&O) cluster receive a comprehensive basic education with specific analytical skills.


Career prospects

Attending the cluster’s courses prepares students for employment in all industries, especially in the logistics, production, procurement, revenue management, and operations management. Areas of activity are found especially in the interface between operations and information technology. Graduates usually start their careers in strategic and specialist management consultancies as well as in service and production companies, such as airlines or the automotive industry.

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Jan. 15, 2023

New professorship part of the BA&O cluster

The new professorship for Digital Health & Medical Decision Making (Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schiffels) is part of the Faculty of Busniess and Economics since January 15, 2023. Welcome to the Business Analytics & Operations cluster, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schiffels!

Professors and Chairs of the Cluster

Health Care Operations / Health Information Management
Analytics & Optimization
Quantitative Methods
Business and Information Systems Engineering - Management Support
Resilient Operations
Digital Health & Medical Decision Making
Production & Supply Chain Management

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Research Assistant
Prof. Dr. Robert Klein: Analytics & Optimization

Cluster-specific performance recognition

Basic information and advice on the recognition of academic achievements from abroad can be found on the website of the Center for International Relations of the Faculty of Business and Economics.


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