If you have not yet started a Bachelor’s degree, you must first apply for one of the three undergraduate business and economics degree programs: Business Administration, Economics or  Global Business Management. Please note that separate conditions and deadlines apply to these. The application for the DFM program is made after the 3rd term of one of the three programs named above.



Admission requirements

The application for the double degree Bachelor’s program is subject to specific conditions and is only possible if certain requirements are met:

  • Application cannot be submitted until after three terms have been completed in one of the Bachelor’s programs in Business Administration / Economics, or Global Business Management offered by the University of Augsburg
  • Foreseeable acquisition of 120 ECTS credits by the end of the fourth term
  • Passing the « Français économique 1 » and « Français économique 2 » courses as well as at least one of the two courses: « Français économique 3 » / « Français économique 4 » (or rather pass is expected)
  • Passing the block course « Comptabilité française » in the 4th term is highly recommended.

Application procedure and documents required

If you meet the named requirements, you can apply for the Bachelor’s DFM program after the 3rd term of your Bachelor’s degree, in the period from March 1 to May 1. Your application documents must be sent by email to the DFM Program Coordinator, Mrs. Nadine Zbiegly.



4 steps to successful application


1. Submitting an application

Send your application documents by email to the DFM Program Coordinator, Mrs. Nadine Zbiegly (nadine.zbiegly@wiwi.uni-augsburg.de), in the period from March 1 to May 1. The application documents must be merged to create one PDF document. The documents contained in the PDF document must be arranged in the order listed below.

(Successful completion of the «Comptabilité française» block course will be checked in retrospect. Until then, preliminary admission only is possible.)

2. Confirmation email

After you have successfully sent your application documents, you will receive a confirmation email within three working days.

3. Interview

If you meet the formal criteria, you will be invited to attend an interview, which will probably be held at the end of May / beginning of June.

4. Letter of acceptance / rejection

Approx. two weeks after the interview you will receive your preliminary acceptance for admission or the final rejection letter.



We require the following documents from you


1.    Checklist as cover sheet of the application documents with details of the requested specialization in Rennes 

2.    “A-level” certificate (qualification required to enter university)

3.    Current STUDIS transcript of records (grades)

4.    CV in German (max. 1 page!)

5.    CV in French (max. 1 page!)

6.    Motivation letter in German (max. 1 page!)

7.    Motivation letter in French (max. 1 page!)

8.    Proof of French language skills (Français économique 1, 2, etc.)

9.    Possibly other proofs (Internship certificates, etc.)



Selection decision


The selection is made following the interview, taking into account the credits achieved to date, language skills, and subject knowledge and the impression gained from the in-person interview. Notification of possible admission is sent in writing approx. two weeks later. If necessary, acceptance for admission is given subject to the outstanding credits actually being obtained by the time the program begins in the autumn.



Please note:


The information given here is relevant for students whose current or future home university is the University of Augsburg. Prospective students, who plan to start a degree in Rennes (especially French students) are informed about the admission conditions by the  Université de Rennes 1.