Bachelor’s degree in “Global Business Management” (GBM) | University of Augsburg

Your springboard to your international dream job

During the course of your GBM degree you acquire the technical knowledge required and deal with interesting issues concerning the opportunities and challenges of globalization:


  • How do cultural aspects influence international management practices?

  • What implications does this have for internationally operating companies?

  • In which markets can companies operate sustainably and increase their value?

  • How can global projects be planned and implemented?

  • How are specific target groups addressed in global and digital markets?

  • How do businesses use international financial and capital markets?

The Bachelor's in GBM is the right choice for you if you ...

... are interested in international economic contexts and want to position yourself on a broad footing.
... enjoy Business English and are interested in learning or deepening your skills in other foreign languages.
... are flexible and mobile and would like to spend a term abroad during your Bachelor’s degree.
... are committed and independent and would like to put into practice your own projects during your degree.

... want to study in an engaged community and proactively contribute to everyday studies.

... want to achieve a lot personally, but also have an eye for social responsibility.

Details and downloads

Course of studies facts
name: Global Business Management
graduation type: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
study mode: full time
start of studies: winter semester
standard period of study: 6 semester
restriction: restricted
german language knowledge (at least): C 1
end of application summer semester: 15. January
end of application winter semester: 15. July

* Exceptions for applicants with foreign university entrance qualifications and professionally qualified persons. Further information on the application can be found here (in German language).

The Bachelor’s in GBM is an extraordinary offer for high-school graduates who are ambitious and like to think outside of the box.

Prof. Dr. Erik E. Lehmann, Head of Program, Bachelor’s in GBM

For me, GBM means internationality, which in my eyes is the perfect addition to a degree in Business and Economics.

Anaís, GBM student of the 10th cohort

GBM gives me the opportunity to not only understand international relations but also to experience them - in a small group with a large community.

Tobias, GBM student of the 8th cohort

The variety of the GBM degree enables me to individually design my preparation for entry into the global economy.

Johannes, GBM student of the 10th cohort

GBM is unique because the integrated projects and stay abroad give me the space to develop further personally as well.

Lena, GBM student of the 8th cohort

For me, GBM stands for community and gives me the opportunity to live up to my individual strengths. Augsburg itself, as a large, but not too large, university city, also provides the ideal atmosphere for studying.

Alessandro, GBM student of the 10th cohort

Questions about the program?

Program structure

Terms 1-3: Principles

The acquisition of indispensable knowledge of business administration and economics as well as the mathematics and statistics methods needed for them, in small groups and as part of the undergraduate degree programs in business and economics.

Accompanying language course (Business English and another foreign language, e.g., Chinese, Arabic, Russian or Japanese, as well as Spanish or French) and teaching of intercultural and social skills (e.g., by working on case studies in Intercultural Management and Project Management or within the scope of the „Social Day“).


Terms 4-6: Specialization

You further deepen your knowledge and your professional competence and transfer these to the international context. In addition, you have the opportunity to specialize in one of four tracks and to prepare for specific professional fields:


■  International Finance

■  International Operations

■  International Strategy

■  International Economics


You acquire valuable experience in project and time management, by independently implementing your own social, entrepreneurial, or research-based project. You spend the 5th term abroad, either at a university or as part of an internship. There you learn team-oriented working in an intercultural context, deepen your language skills, and expand your international network.


What the Faculty of Business and Economics offers

We offer top quality research and teaching.

■ Internationally successful research in the important future areas of digitalization, entrepreneurship, sustainability, health, and transformation

■ Regular top positions in rankings (e.g., CHE)

■ Since 2016, FIBAA Premium Seal for excellent quality in study and teaching – as the first and to date only Bachelor’s program of a German state university

■ Outstanding ratings of our courses by the students

We train you to be an international leader.

■ Broad consideration of business and economic issues in an international context

■ Integrated foreign language course

■ Diverse opportunities for integrated study or internship abroad

■ Flexibility and mobility as a fixed part of the education, including compulsory stay abroad

■ Independent implementation of your own projects at home and abroad

■ Comprehensive teaching of intercultural and social skills

We encourage people and help them develop their own attitude.

■ Targeted encouragement of critical reflection and discussions about central topics in society and the economy

■ Many offers for workshops and startup events

■ Support for social projects and welfare institutions with the “Social Day”

■ Numerous opportunities for working at a chair or for engagement in the student initiatives

■ Room to develop a responsible personality due to the informal family and open atmosphere on the campus

We create future prospects.

Outstanding career prospects for our students due to excellent technical, methodological, and personal education, the recognized good reputation of the University of Augsburg and the growing demand for people with a degree in business administration with intercultural skills and project experience

Future prospects

Suitable Master’s programs

You now have all the opportunities you need to study for a subsequent Master’s degree at the University of Augsburg or at another university at home or abroad.

The career prospects

After you have completed your degree you benefit from our optimal mix of sound education in principles, professional specialization as well as internationality – and not least from the outstanding reputation of the University of Augsburg.
Working in the industry, the financial sector, consulting, or at a startup at home or abroad – we open up worlds for you!

The GBM network

As an association of current and former GBM students, GBM e.V. offers you outstanding opportunities to make and maintain valuable professional and personal contacts during the various years of your degree. The members are offered a varied supporting program with all kinds of different events (e.g., Social Day, series of lectures, summer festival, alumni reunions).

Degree in GBM – and then?
Being taught the many different perspectives in the international economic context, which ultimately enable holistic problem solving, made the GBM degree particularly valuable to me.

Helena, GBM graduate of the 7th cohort

I particularly liked the solidarity and the group dynamic among the GBM students as well as the good support provided by the course coordinator.

Laurin, GBM graduate of the 9th cohort

The GBM degree prepared the way for me into the wide world.

Franziska, GBM graduate of the 5th cohort

In Augsburg many things simply fitted together: super support during the degree, a sound curriculum, a great student city, and not least an ambitious and at the same time pleasant cohort, from which I still have special friendships. A great time that I enjoy looking back on - use the opportunity for a special program!

Matthias, GBM graduate of the 7th cohort

Enjoy the community and use the activities offered to you outside the lectures! Anyone can attend lectures - everything else makes the GBM degree special!

Luisa, GBM graduate of the 3rd cohort

Who can help me?

Program Coordinator, Bachelor's in GBM
Faculty of Business and Economics
  • Phone: +49 821 598 - 4070
  • Email:
  • Room 1318 (Building J)
  • Phone: 0821/598-5999
  • Email:
  • (Building M2)
    Universitätsstraße 6, 86159 Augsburg