Application: Becoming a member of GGS



for the application as a doctoral candidate (Predoc) at the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences.



Required are:


  • A project outline with a working title (short synopsis approx. 1-4 pages, ideally with a summarizing abstract for the homepage).
  • A copy of your university degree certificate (Master's degree, state examination or similar)
  • Supervision agreement



for membership in the GGS.


Applications are possible at any time.


Admission takes place at the beginning of each semester.


There are no costs or participation fees.


The structure of the GGS allows the following participation options for doctoral students:



  • Standardized participation: enrollment in one of the elaborated doctoral programs under the umbrella of the GGS.
  • Individualized participation: Use of the GGS offers and structure without participation in one of the doctoral programs.
  • Faculty-bound
  • Faculty-unbound


Prerequisites for participation:


To participate in the GGS, a doctoral project and a supervisory commitment at one of the three faculties of humanities/social sciences or one of the cooperating institutions at Augsburg University is required.


If you have any questions concerning cotutelle models (binational doctoral studies), please do not hesitate to contact the coordination office.



Postdocs interested in the GGS program and funding formats should contact the coordination office (