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The GGS pillar model is intended to support and help you and provide you with a possible structure for your three-year doctoral phase.

Each semester you will find new workshop, further education and support offers assigned to the "pillars" - i.e. your stage in the doctoral phase.

In order to receive the GGS certificate, you must have attended or organized at least one event per pillar (pillar 5) during the doctoral phase.


Interactive GGS pillar model:

Getting started

1Academic work, introduction and consolidation

  • Delimitation, structure, organization of the work

2. Theories and research methods

  • Selection of the methodology and the necessary basic theoretical considerations


3. Rhetoric, presentation, language

  • GGS continuing education program for humanities scholars and social scientists
  • Offers of the Graduate Center

4. Own doctoral project

  • Presentation of the dissertation in a colloquium or as part of doctoral student workshops at conferences
  • Presentation and discussion of the research project in other (thematic or interdisciplinary) working groups




5. Knowledge transfer

  • independent and self-initiative planning, design and implementation of events, conferences, exhibitions (also as cooperation projects)
  • Invitation and support of external speakers, experts, artists...
  • Media competent knowledge transfer projects (social media, podcasts...)
  • Science communication in the public space

6. Vocational Guide and Practice

  • GGS offer: Application training, JobTalks and career-oriented events for humanities and social scientists
  • Cooperation with funding programs such as Klever and the Career Service of the University of Augsburg