Types of Funding

Pre- and postdocs can apply to the GGS for the following formats:

Individual research projects:
-Organisation of conferences, colloquia, symposia, summer schools
-Invitation of guest researchers or experts       
-Public research communication projects (exhibition concept, podcasts...)       
-Short-term research projects with knowledge transfer (public presentation of results)   
Networking and advisory trips
-Trips for advisory interviews (with potential mentors, proven experts in your field of research);
-Researcher networking trips           
-Research stays with recognised experts in the field        
-Attendance at conferences with the opportunity to seek advice in the field of research   
Software licences for your research as part of your qualification thesis or for your research as part of an independent project
Printing subsidies: Printing costs for publications produced as part of your GGS membership (Preference will be given to publications and monographs resulting from independent projects (Pillar 5) or research presentations (Pillar 4).
Applications are welcome at any time.
Please apply via the