Application form for doctoral students (self-initiated project, networking and consulting trip, material resources)


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Online Form

Application for research funding for doctoral students of the GGS

Online form for an application for junior research funding from the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences funds for pre-docs.

Surname, first name, address, contact details, disciplines/ chairs, title of dissertation projects and GGS participation period of all participants/ co-applicants.
IBAN, BIC, Name of bank
Please note that self-initiated projects (conference/ guest lecture/ exhibition...) should be located at the Augsburg location if possible or the University of Augsburg/ the Graduate School for Humanities and Social Sciences should clearly emerge as a cooperation partner of the format.
Fees can only be paid for invited/needed external experts. Please indicate here the amount of the fees and the invited/needed experts.
E.g. for printing costs (posters/exhibition boards...), flyers, brochures...; please specify the type of material resources.
Duration and cost of the required auxiliary
Please indicate here any absolutely necessary expenses for your project that are not yet listed above. Hospitality costs and daily allowances cannot be covered for the time being.
Please upload a detailed description of your project (approx. 2 DIN A 4 pages) plus time and cost schedule as a pdf document. In case of an application for material resources (software), please upload a description of the research project in the context of which the material resources are required and show how the material resources are relevant for the project.
Upload here a short statement/statements of the supervised professors on the project proposal (3-5 lines). Assurance that the infrastructure of the chair/professors' secretariats can be used for cost accounting of the project sponsors, if needed, is implied in this statement.
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