As a consequence of enrolment students become members of the university and of the relevant faculties and student councils. This comes with certain rights and duties such as participation in the self-administration of the university through its institutions and committees, participation in the faculties through active and passive voting rights, and the use of university institutes and services, including the services offered by Studierendenwerk.


Students also receive many external university discounts such as the AVV semester transport ticket.

As with all members of the university, students must behave in such a way that the university can fulfil its duties and that no one else is prevented from exercising their own rights and duties.


Important student duties are:

  • registering for their studies every semester and paying the semester fee by the deadline (see re-registration),
  • carrying out their studies in accordance with the relevant student and examination regulations, with the exception of periods of leave of absence (see leave of absence),
  • providing timely notification of a change in enrolment data, in particular a change of name and address. This can be independently updated via the VIBS Portal),
  • providing timely written notification of a lost Campus Card Augsburg,
  • providing timely electronic notification from a (new) statutory health insurance provider if there is a change in their health insurance,
  • providing timely notification of any reasons that could pose an obstacle to enrolment or that could be grounds for the refusal of enrolment ( enrolment statutes)
  • regularly checking their student email account, as the Registrar’s Office sends important information exclusively to this account.

Students also have participation duties according to the study and examination regulations of their respective degree programmes.

University membership and all connected rights and duties cease upon de-registration (Exmatrikulation).