The subsidiary subject Location Development can be studied in different modules in both the Bachelor and Master's degree programs:



  • In the introductory module (SE1) the basics of the subject as well as fields of application (business development, location consulting, regional and city management, tourism marketing etc.) are taught.
  • In the advanced module (SE2) the focus is on methods for the analysis, evaluation and development of locations.



  • The Master Module (ST) is offered to deepen current fields of practice (cluster management, place branding, etc.).


The teaching staff includes both professors who provide the current research reference and external lecturers from practice who are in responsible positions in the field (e.g. managing director, project manager) and therefore guarantee the application relevance for the student education. They also assign topics for theses or internships. In addition, the Department of Location Development cooperates closely with the German Association for Applied Geography.


This practical orientation is also reflected in the teaching content. Project work in seminars and exercises provides in-depth and practical knowledge in the various fields of application of location development. In addition, the course content is taught directly in the classroom during excursions, some of which last several days. Phenomena such as clusters, creative classes or the implementation of business development measures can thus be analyzed and discussed on site. Excursions in the subsidiary subject location development had so far among other things Hamburg, Milan and the USA (New York, Texas, Tennessee) as a goal.





Winter semester 2020/ 2021


  • Vorlesung: Einführung in die Standortentwicklung (PD Dr. Markus Hilpert)
    Dienstag 12:15-13:45 Uhr, digital

  • Seminar: Dimensionen des Arbeitsmarkt-Managements in Deutschland und weltweit (Daniela Schneider)
    Donnerstag 14:15-15:45 Uhr, digital

  • Seminar: Kommunale Smart City-Strategien (Andreas Huber)

  • Seminar: Einzelhandel, Tourismus und Standortforschung I (Markus Epple)

  • Vorlesung: Nachhaltige Regionalentwicklung (Angebot der Virtuellen Hochschule Bayern)
    Online-Kurs, keine Präsenzveranstaltung

  • Übung: Nachhaltige Regionalentwicklung (Angebot der Virtuellen Hochschule Bayern)
    Online-Kurs, keine Präsenzveranstaltung


  • Seminar: Standortentwicklung (Business Location Development) (Dr. Bernhard Kräußlich)
    Montag 8:15-9:45 Uhr, digital

  • Praktikum: Standortentwicklung Geländepraktikum Teil 1 (business location development field work part 1) (Dr. Bernhard Kräußlich)
    Montag: 10:15-11:45 Uhr, digital