Dr. Florian Wilken

Water and Soil Resource Research
Phone: +49 821 598 2753
Room: 2026 (B)
Address: Alter Postweg 118, 86159 Augsburg

Curriculum Vitae

Florian is a post-doc working in the field of soil system dynamics. His specific interests are the role and drivers of soil degradation on ecosystem services. Florians research is mainly located in central Africa (DRC, Uganda, Rwanda), India and Europe. Florians expertise covers a wide range of methods including remote sensing and numerical modelling.

since 2021    Senior researcher and administrative coordinator of EU project SOPLAS

2019-2021    Split post-doc position at University Augsburg and  ETH Zürich

2017-2019    Post-doc at University Augsburg 
2014-2017    PhD at University Augsburg in cooperation with GFZ Potsdam and Leibniz-ZALF 
2008-2013    BSc and MSc in Physical Geography at University of Cologne

Research foci

  • Soil system dynamics
  • Soil degradation
  • Biogeochemical cycling
  • Remote sensing
  • Hydrological and sedimentological modelling

Courses / Teaching

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WS 2019/20
7598 Vom Punkt in die Fläche 
7583 Vorlesung Spezielle Methoden der Physischen Geographie

SS 2019
7580 Geländepraktikum - Seminar zur Feldbodenkunde 
7729 GIS basierte Bodenerosionsmodellierung als Basis für das Boden- und Wasserressourcenmanagement - GIS based soil erosion modelling for soil and water resources management 

WS 2018/19
7584 Angewandte Bodenkunde 
7757 Boden- und Wasserressourcen (Begleitseminar) - Soil and water resources (course) 
7585 Labormethoden 
7641 Vom Punkt in die Fläche – GIS basierte Interpolationsverfahren 

SS 2018
7701 Angepasstes landwirtschaftliches Management und Sturzflutrisiko - Feldmessungen, GIS-Analysen und Modellierung - Smart agricultural management to reduce local flood risk - field measurements, GIS analysis & modelling 

7514 Proseminar zur Vorlesung: Physische Geographie 2 (Wilken 1) 
7513 Proseminar zur Vorlesung: Physische Geographie 2 (Wilken 2) 


WS 2017/18
7714 Einführung in die GIS basierte Modellierung 
7669 Labormethoden (Wilken) 
7513 Proseminar zur Vorlesung: Physische Geographie 1 (Wilken 1) 
7515 Proseminar zur Vorlesung: Physische Geographie 1 (Wilken 2) 

SS 2015
7641 NF Bodenkunde: Themen der Bodengeographie