Chair for Embedded Systems

The Chair for Embedded Systems deals with computers that surround us every day, embedded in our vehicles and planes, in robots, cell phones, buildings and many more. These embedded systems must meet high requirements for correctness and reliability. Unlike common computers and laptops, embedded systems cannot simply be restarted when an error occurs. This applies in particular to safety-critical systems, i.e. systems to which we entrust our life and well-being. In addition to correctness, embedded systems are subject to a variety of other requirements, including energy (e.g. battery-operated systems), size and weight (e.g. mobile embedded systems) and security.


The aim of our research is to make embedded computer systems safe, reliable and performant.


Our research focuses on the real-time behavior of embedded systems, as well as on the development and configuration of processors and hardware for embedded systems.


Chair for Embedded Systems
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Chair for Embedded Systems
Chair for Embedded Systems

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