ESTHER Demonstration System

Start date:




Local head of project:

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Altmeyer



Local scientists:

Tilmann Unte





Embedded systems can be found anywhere and we are constantly surrounded by them in our daily lifes.

But only rarely can their specific properties and features, as taught in our lectures, be easily demonstrated, analyzed, or influenced.


For this reason we are developing the demonstration system ESTHER (Embedded System THeory Evaluation Robot), which will serve us as an example system in our lectures, but which can also be the playground for your individual research modules and bachelor/master thesis.



The basis is a wheeled robot, which is capable of carrying loads up to 100kg. This allows us to use it for a large variety of practical applications. Our vision is to equip the robot with a sensor array and have it aid us in daily tasks, like transporting objects between offices.


The software is being developed for Zephyr, an embedded realtime operating system.

It runs on a STM32L475 microcontrollerboard with wireless communication capabilities, and several built-in sensors. Further sensors, e.g. for measuring distance, can be connected vie GPIO or serial connections like UART, SPI, or I2C.


This robot allows for practical application of the concepts of developing embedded systems from the ground up, as taught in our lectures. Further, it serves as an inspiration for research ideas and it can be used in your thesis.


Get in touch with us if you are interested, regardless of whether you are looking for a project for your degree or are looking to work as a student assistant!