Artificial Intelligence Support for Archeological 3D-Reconstructions

Start date:  01.05.2020


Funded by:  local


Local head of project: 

Prof. Dr. Theo Ungerer


Local scientists:
Dr. Pia Heberer




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The research goal is to investigate how modern methods of artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in archeology to support archeologists in their work. The techniques and tools of 3D reconstruction will be extended by algorithms of AI, so that placements of fragments and spolia (building blocks, wood, plaster or even ornamental flooring) within the 3D wireframe of the virtual reconstruction will be suggested. The archeologists can then use their expertise to select and improve the 3D reconstruction. The declared aim is to make the work of the archeologists easier or even possible in the first place.


Already existing techniques and tools of 3D reconstruction as well as AI will be used. These will be combined and improved if necessary. The techniques are then to be applied to a suitable historical object in an exemplary manner.