Thesis Topics

We have a supply of interesting research questions that can be investigated in the scope of a Bachelor's or Master's thesis; the same goes for other research modules. In the following we list some of our areas of research or topics that are suitable to be explored by students' work. If you are an interested student we gladly present available topics more in-depth to you. Besides that, there is also the possibility of coming to us with research ideas of your own.


If one of the proposed topics caught your mind, don't hesitate to approach the person assigned to it. If you are undecided, are interested in Organic Computing in general or have an idea of your own, please get in touch with Prof. Dr. Hähner directly.

Selbst-lernende OC-Systeme

  • Ausschreibung zum Thema "Selbst-lernende OC Systeme"

Learning Classifier Systems

  • Approaches to fix overgeneralization in strength-based LCS (Master's thesis, contact: David Pätzel)
  • Lambda calculus–based Genetic Programming with implementation in Haskell (Master’s or possibly Bachelor’s thesis, contact: David Pätzel)

Adversarial Machine Learning

  • Evaluation of Methods to Generate Adversarial Examples in the Context of SQL Injection Attacks (contact: Dominik Rauh)