since 2016 Research Assistant with the chair for Organic Computing
2014–2016 Master course in Computer Science at the University of Augsburg
2010–2014 Bachelor course in Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences Hof

Research foci

Machine learning (ML) has been developed and applied mostly without considering aspects of information security. However, otherwise very well functioning models can be easily evaded by slight manipulations of an attacker—making it possible to exploit systems protected by ML. The study of these manipulations, known as adversarial examples (AEs), is a very active field of research that thrives for several years. Central questions about the origin and effects of AE are to be answered. As ML is applied to intrusion detection systems to protect IT infrastructure from unforeseen attacks with often fatal consequences, my work focuses on increasing their robustness with respect to AEs.


Additional interests of mine:


  • machine learning in embedded systems
  • free software

Courses / teaching

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