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Publication: Enforcing Consumer and Capital Markets Law – The Diesel Emissions Scandal


This book critically analyses the various approaches of public and private law enforcement and their effectiveness across several jurisdictions on the example of one topical and global collective damage event with far reaching consequences for both, consumers and investors: the Dieselgate. (...)

Publication: European Company Law


Already in its fourth edition this year, the commentary "Company and Corporate Law" has been published in the handbook "European Law" for German legal practice (ed. by Reiner Schulze, André Janssen and Stefan Kadelbach). (...).

Contribution in the EuZW to the PSPP judgement of the BVerfG


In July 2020 a new article by Prof. Möllers was published in the European Journal of Economic Law (EuZW): The PSPP ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court and the European Legal Union (...).


The results of the Center for European Legal Studies' work are regularly reflected in the directors' publications on European and international law.

Selected publications with European or international reference: