In the last decades, CELOS has been institutionally and financially supported by the European Union through two Jean Monnet Chairs and a Jean Monnet Center of Excellence on Enforcement in European Business Law (INspiRE). While the chairs distinguished the research and teaching quality of Prof. Dr. Möllers, the center of excellence had the focus to investigate the enforcement of law comparatively in the field of consumer, capital market and competition law. In one research project, the Volkswagen diesel scandal was taken as an opportunity to examine the effectiveness of legal sanctions on a comparative law basis.


Research activities include intensive exchange with colleagues from European member states such as France (Lyon) and Italy (Palermo) or Poland (Krakow, Poznan, Warsaw). In detail, this includes lectures, student seminars, guest lectures, guest professorships, but also numerous conferences of foreign colleagues with corresponding publications. The members of CELOS publish scientific articles, but also have an impact through lectures and conferences, through the Internet (database and podcasts). In recent years, they have also increasingly addressed an interested non-specialist audience with European topics and cooperate with the European Department of the City of Augsburg for this purpose.


The three research centers on Anglo-American law (Augsburg Research Centre of European and Anglo-American Law ( AREA), Chinese Law (Research Center of Innovation and Legal Studies between China and Europe - RICE) and Turkish Law ( Forschungsstelle für türkisches Recht), are united under the umbrella of CELOS to reflect the comparative law claim of CELOS. Consequently, there are extensive academic contacts outside the EU, such as with the USA (Pepperdine, Pittsburgh, Washington, North Carolina, Chicago, Santa Clara), South Africa (Johannesburg), the People's Republic of China (Beijing, Shanghai) and Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara).


A legal database on European business law ( Caplaw) was the first to systematically present the numerous European legal sources and for decades was a highly sought-after Internet site for those seeking legal advice. In the meantime, podcasts and judgment reviews can also be found there.


In order to maintain and expand information and research opportunities on European, international and foreign law, CELOS supports the acquisition of books in the University Library.



News (CELOS)

Fourth edition of the book „Juristische Methodenlehre“


"Juristische Methodenlehre" by Professor Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers has fortunately already seen three editions since 2017 and was quickly out of print in each case. It has received numerous reviews in Germany and abroad after only a short time and is cited by case law and legal literature. An English-language version appeared in 2020 and a Chinese-language edition will follow with the 4th edition in 2021. Fortunately, it is now used at many universities to prepare for the First Staatsexamen and in trainee lawyers for the Second Staatsexamen. (...)

Juristische Methodenlehre 4. Aufl. hoch

Contribution to Festschrift for Barbara Grunewald


Professor Barbara Grunewald has worked intensively on civil law and corporate law over the past decades. On the occasion of her 70th birthday, a Festschrift has been dedicated to her. The Festschrift contribution by Professor Möllers deals with the new Sale of Goods Directive 2019/771, showing the various weaknesses of the European legislation.

FS Grunewald

Publication "The Weaknesses of the Sales of Goods Directive - Dealing with Legislative Deficits"


The article „The Weaknesses of the Sale of Goods Directive – Dealing with Legislative Deficits” has been published in the online magazine „Jus Civile” (Italy). Using the example of the Sale of Goods Directive (EU) 2019/771, the article combines the law of sales with a series of questions on European methodology. It examines the European legislative technique with full harmonization as a regulatory objective and clarifies open questions of interpretation on the basis of legal principles. Finally, ecological and economic proposals are made, which are to be demanded de lege ferenda.

jus civile

The results of the Center for European Legal Studies' work are regularly reflected in the directors' publications on European and international law.

Selected publications with European or international reference: