With setting up the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Augsburg, the Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology was awarded for the first time. Since April 1, 2019, Prof. Dr. Regina Fluhrer holds the chair which belongs to the Institute of Theoretical Medicine. In October 2021 Prof. Dr. Kerstin Stemmer joined as a Professor for Molecular Cell Biology and since February 2024 Prof. Dr. Falk Büttnerholds the professorship for Proteomics.


Our research focuses on proteolytic processes, especially on those taking place in cellular membranes, on function and generation of extracelluarvesicles as well as on the analysis and function of glykoproteins. Future research projects will focus on the impact of these processes on the development of diseases such as Tumors, Adipositas, Type II Diabetes, dementia as well as immune disorders.


As part of the novel Revised Medical Curriculum, our team offers various classes in pre-clinical education and in context of theB.Sc. studies on Midwifery sciences we teach the most important basics in chemistry and biochemistry. We wish to profoundly teach chemical, biochemical and molecular biological basics to students in a practice-oriented way. To achieve this, a state of the art students’ laboratory is available. Furthermore, cooperating with VirtuelleHochschule Bayern (vhb) we offer the opportunity to take advantage of digital learning units in addition to face-to-face lessons.