Prof. Dr. Barbara Verfürth

Professor, University of Bonn
Computational Mathematics
Phone: ---
Open hours: by appointment


Since June 2020, I am a Junior research group leader at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). This website will not be updated any longer, please visit my new website at KIT.

Research interests

  • multiscale (finite element) methods
  • (numerical) homogenization
  • (time-harmonic) wave propagation: Helmholtz and Maxwell equations
  • quasilinear PDEs

Short CV

10/10 - 02/15    

Bachelor and Master studies in mathematics with minor in physics, WWU Münster

03/15 - 09/18  

Research associate, WWU Münster; PhD obtained 06/18

01/17 - 04/17   Participation in trimester programme multiscale problems, Hausdorff-Institute Bonn
seit 10/18  

Research associate (PostDoc), University of Augsburg

Awards and Prizes

  • Dissertation prize of the University of Münster 2018
  • Dr.-Klaus-Körper-Prize of the GAMM 2019

Teaching (Current Semester)

No courses available.


Submitted Preprints

[Pre1]    R. Altmann, B. Verfürth. A multiscale method for heterogeneous bulk-surface coupling. ArXiv Preprint 2005.06320, 2020.
[Pre2]    T. Chaumont-Frelet, B. Verfürth. A generalized finite element method for problems with sign-changing coefficients. ArXiv Preprint 2002.10818, 2020.
[Pre3]  B. Verfürth. Numerical homogenization for non-linear monotone elliptic problems. ArXiv Preprint 1907.01883, 2019.


Journal articles

[A1]    D. Peterseim, B. Verfürth. Computational high frequency scattering from high contrast heterogeneous media. Math. Comp., 2020, online first.
[A2]    M. Ohlberger, B. Schweizer, M. Urban, B. Verfürth. Mathematical analysis of transmission properties of electromagnetic meta-materials. Netw. Het. Media, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2020, pp. 29–56.
[A3]    P. Hennig, R. Maier, D. Peterseim, D. Schillinger, B. Verfürth, M. Kästner. A diffuse modeling approach for embedded interfaces in linear elasticity. To appear in GAMM Mitteilungen, 2019.
[A4]    B. Verfürth. Heterogeneous Multiscale Method for the Maxwell equations with high contrast. ESAIM Math. Model. Numer. Anal., Vol. 53, No. 1, 2019, pp. 35–61.
[A5]    D. Gallistl, P. Henning, B. Verfürth. Numerical homogenization of H(curl)-problems. SIAM J. Numer. Anal., Vol. 56, No. 3, 2018, pp. 1570–1596.
[A6]    M. Ohlberger, B. Verfürth. A new Heterogeneous Multiscale Method for the Helmholtz equation with high contrast. Multiscale Model. Simul., Vol. 16, No. 1, 2018, pp. 385–411.
[A7]    M. Ohlberger, B. Verfürth. Localized Orthogonal Decomposition for two-scale Helmholtz-type problems. AIMS Mathematics, Vol. 2, No. 3, 2017, pp. 458–478.
[A8]    P. Henning, M. Ohlberger, B. Verfürth. A new Heterogeneous Multiscale Method for time-harmonic Maxwell's equations. SIAM J. Numer. Anal., Vol. 454, No. 6, 2016, pp. 3493–3522.


Conference proceedings

[Proc1]    D. Peterseim, D. Varga, B. Verfürth. From Domain Decomposition to Homogenization Theory. To appear in DD25 proceedings, 2019.
[Proc2]    B. Verfürth. Computational multiscale method for nonlinear monotone elliptic equations. Oberwolfach Reports 35, 2019.
[Proc3]    B. Verfürth. Numerical homogenization for indefinite H(curl)-problems. In Proceedings of Equadiff 2017 conference, edited by K. Mikula, D. Sevcovic, J. Urban, pp. 137–146, 2017.
[Proc4]    P. Henning, M. Ohlberger, B. Verfürth. Analysis of multiscale methods for time-harmonic Maxwell's equations. In Proc. Appl. Math. Mech. 16, pp. 559–560, 2016.



[Th1]    B. Verfürth. Numerical multiscale methods for Maxwell's equations in heterogeneous media. Dissertation, WWU Münster, 2018.
[Th2] B. Verfürth. Numerical analysis of multiscale methods for Maxwell equations. Master Thesis, WWU Münster, 2015.
[Th3] B. Verfürth. Homogenisierung für nichtlineare Hindernisprobleme. Bachelor Thesis, WWU Münster, 2013.



03/20   Seminar Numerical Analysis, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. (Invited seminar talk)
01/20   Bavarian Academy of Sciences. (Invited talk)



10/19     ENUMATH, Egmond an Zee, The Netherlands. (Invited Talk in the minisymposium "Recent advances in modelling and numerics of wave phenomena" by V. Nikolic, W. Dörfler)
10/19   Organisation of a minisymposium (together with D. Gallistl, M. Schlottbom), ENUMATH, Egmond an Zee, The Netherlands.
09/19   9th Singular Days, Kassel. (Contributed talk)
09/19   Annual meeting of the GAMM workgoup on Numerical Analysis, Essen. (Contributed talk)
07/19    Oberwolfach workshop "Computational multiscale methods" (by B. Engquist, D. Peterseim). (Invited talk)
06/19    MAFELAP, Brunel University London. (Invited talk in the minisymposium "High-frequency wave problems in heterogeneous media" by E. Spence, S. Nicaise, S. Sauter)
05/19    Computational and Applied Mathematics Seminar, Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg, Sweden. (Invited seminar talk)
02/19    GAMM Jahrestagung, Wien. (Invited talk in a section)



10/18   GAMM workshop on numerical analysis, Augsburg.
10/18     3rd German–Russian–American workshop on numerical methods and mathematical modelling in geophysical and biomedical sciences, Herrsching am Ammersee.
06/18     Workshop on Interplay of multiscale data assimilation and data science with advanced PDE discretizations, Erwin-Schrödinger-Institut Wien. (Invited talk)
06/18   European Finite Element Fair, Heidelberg. (Contributed talk)
03/18   4th Applied Math Symposium Münster.
03/18   (Co-)Organisation of the 4th Applied Math Symposium Münster.
03/18   Joint annual meeting of GDMV and DMV, Paderborn.
01/18   Universität Augsburg. (Invited seminar talk)



09/17     ENUMATH 2017, Voss, Norway. (Invited talk in the minisymposium "Numerical methods for simulating processes in porous media" by I.S. Pop, R. Schulz, P. Knabner, B. Wohlmuth)
07/17   (Co-)Organisation of a minisymposium, Equadiff 2017, Bratislava.
07/17   Equadiff 2017, Bratislava. (Minisymposium talk)
07/17   Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie (KIT). (Invited seminar talk)
03/17   Hausdorff-Institut Bonn. (Seminar talk)



11/16     METAMATH workshop, Cargèse, Corse, France. (Invited talk)
05/16   European Finite Element Fair, Bonn. (Contributed talk)
03/16   Joint annual meeting of GAMM and DMV, Braunschweig. (Contributed talk)