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Materials Engineering
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Research topics

This research group focuses on the development and application of digital technologies to understand and improve the materials and manufacturing processes of CMC. Our goal is to support the material development with input regarding the choice of raw materials and process parameters to create CMCs that are sustainable and tailored according to the requirement of the application.

Our research work includes:
  • Developing a digital twin framework for CMCs based on multiscale modelling and machine learning.
  • Investigating the effects of process parameters on the mechanical properties of CMCs using finite element analysis and experimental validation.
  • Developing the relationship between the process parameters, microstructure, properties, and performance of the CMCs.
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Project Hotturb: Developing and modelling the thermomechanical behaviour of a robust SiC based CMC-material: a synergy between experiments and simulations.
Project Ceraheat: Focus on the modelling of the thermal process and its optimization to make the manufacturing of CMCs more sustainable.