Chair of Materials Engineering

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Koch

Ceramic Matrix Composites

Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) show exceptional properties at high temperatures and in corrosive environment, which allow a realization of new concepts for mobility and energy conversion, an increase of efficiency, and an access to new applications under extreme conditions.


Fracture surface of fiber reinforced ceramic (Origin: DLR-BT)

The chair of Materials Engineering investigates the complete process chain of CMC materials, from material synthesis to recycling. Synthesis of materials, ceramic process technology, preform technology, forming, surface coating, and final machining are important aspects. The activities of the group focus on the development of tailor-made materials for specific applications. Composites and hybride structures with defined fiber architecture, hierarchic structure, and adapted pore morphology on different scales are produced. Based on the application scenario of a component, the suitable material composition and production technology are defined and used for component production.



For his outstanding contributions to science in ceramic matrix composite processing, characterization and modelling, international cooperation, mentoring, and professional service Dietmar Koch was elected to the World Academy of Ceramics.


Election of Dietmar Koch to the World Academy of Ceramics © University of Augsburg

On April 6th, Neraj Jain very successfully passed his doctoral examination. The title of his work is “Development of a digital manufacturing process chain for ceramic composites”. He analyzed the production chain of fiber reinforced ceramics and proposed for the first time a comprehensive digital description of all process steps.


The work represents an important contribution for a digital development of fiber reinforced ceramics with predictable properties.


All the best for the future!


Promotion von Neraj Jain (von links: Prof. Dietmar Koch, Dr. Neraj Jain, Prof. Michael Kupke, Prof. Andreas Rathgeber, Prof. Christian Weißenfels) © University of Augsburg

Hybride meeting of working group „Verstärkung keramischer Werkstoffe“


Augsburg, 4th march 2021, Dietmar Koch


After three online meetings of the working group „Verstärkung keramischer Werkstoffe“, on the 4th march for the first time the event took place in hybride form. Both at the Institute of Materials Resource Management (MRM) of the University of Augsburg and online, talks on the topics SiC fibers, SiC/SiC composites (treating e.g. CVD coating of fibers and the field of aircraft turbines), and oxide ceramic composites were presented. In addition, presentations on machine learning approaches for the production of C/C-SiC and on eco balancing of the manufacturing of CMCs were shown. The 35 participants in Augsburg and the 60 online participants contributed to an active discussion of the talks.


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On the previous day, the meeting of the PhD students took place in hybride form, too. It is organized by Tobias Schneider from the Institute of Materials Resource Management. The PhD working groups plans a summer school, to further improve the networking.


The working group „Verstärkung keramischer Werkstoffe“


The working group „Verstärkung keramischer Werkstoffe“ belongs to the German Materials Society and to the German Ceramic Society and is supported by the network Ceramic Composites, the network Composites United (CU), and the University of Augsburg. The meetings of the working groups regularly took place since 1994 and are leaded from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Koch (Institut für Materials Resource Management, Universität Augsburg) since 2007.


The working group brings together companies, research institutions, and universities, which work on the field of fiber reinfored ceramics. The meetings are used for scientific talks and intensive discussions. In addition, the events serve to initiate projects and cooperations.


The working group meets two time a year, in march and october. On the previous day, in the PhD meeting young scientists discuss their activities on the field of CMC. This way, the PhD students can discuss in an open amtosphere and built up their own scientific network. The meeting is organized from Tobias Schneider, MRM, Universität Augsburg.


Next meeting


The next meeting of the working group and the PhD studentes will takte place on 13th and 14th october 2022.




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