Professorship of Processing of Complex Structured Materials for Demanding Environments

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Suelen Barg
© University of Augsburg

On the 1st of February 2021, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Suelen Barg joined the Institute for Materials Resource Management at the University of Augsburg. She took over the professorship for Processing of Complex Structured Materials for Demanding Environments.


Suelen Barg graduated in Materials Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in her homeland Brazil. Her doctoral thesis, which she completed at the University of Bremen, focused on colloidal processes for the production of technical ceramics. After her PhD, she worked as a Marie Curie Fellow at Imperial College London at the Centre for Advanced Structural Ceramics from 2010 to 2014. Here she investigated new methods to fabricate graphene-based materials into three-dimensional functional structures and bioinspired materials. Subsequently, she was a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in the field of structural materials at the University of Manchester, where she led the research group Nanostructured Three-Dimensional Assemblies (Nano-3D) for six years. She is also co-founder of, a spinoff from the University of Manchester. In 2019, she and her founding team were awarded the Eli and Britt Harari Graphene Enterprise Award.

In her research, Suelen Barg focuses on the design and fabrication of novel nanostructured materials that have structural as well as functional properties. Target applications include future transportation systems and clean energy generation for a sustainable world of tomorrow. "The efficient use of materials and the development of resource-saving processes for the production of complex materials will be a central component of my research," says Suelen Barg. She is looking forward to interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of data-based modeling and simulation of materials developed for demanding applications.


Every semester, various student councils with a materials science and engneering background from all over Germany, meet to discuss technical and university policy issues. In addition to excursions and scientific talks, this semester's side program included a MatWerk slam for the first time.


For this occasion a materials science topic should be presented as a science slam. The goal of this format is to explain complex topics in an easily understandable way and sometimes with a bit of humor. The MRM participated with a presentation on fiber ceramics for high temperature applications.


The two MRM presenters, Michéle Scholl and Kevin Postler, took the first place with their slam and thus won the colorful KeLcH (KaWuM's own alloy of chaotic origin).


More info about the KaWuM and the MatWerk Slam can be found at in the "News" tab.


Michéle Scholl und Kevin Postler beim Science-Slam © University of Augsburg