Professorship of Processing of Complex Structured Materials for Demanding Environments

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Suelen Barg

Resource efficient development of complex structured materials


The Professorship "Complex Structured Materials" is dedicated to the development of advanced materials solutions via colloidal processing routes with a focus on additive manufacturing. The research addresses the challenges of integrating structural and functional properties in components to develop efficient systems in energy, aerospace, and environmental applications. In line with the holistic research approach of the Institute of Materials Resource Management, recyclability, re-use of materials, and data management for digitalization, are considered throughout the materials and process development chain. The Professorship forms a research cluster with the Chair of Materials Engineering and the junior Professorship Data-driven Product Engineering and Design.





The German Society for Materials Science (DGM e.V.) represents the interests of its members in the field of materials science and materials engineering. Networking is at the heart of this. To this end, the DGM organizes a wide range of technical committee and working group meetings, events such as conferences, exhibitions, training courses and events for young scientists.

Especially with regard to the promotion of young scientists, a significant event took place at our institute on January 30, 2023: the founding of the new local group Young-DGM Augsburg.

The event started with a laboratory tour at the MRM, where the participants could learn about the latest developments and research results in materials science. This was followed by a dinner where about 10 students and PhD students came together to promote the foundation of the local group.

The Young DGM Augsburg is a valuable support for the next generation in materials scientists and offers the members the opportunity to build and strengthen professional networks. The first cross-regional networking is already planned for April at the Young Scientists Forum.

We are happy to have been a part of this important event and want to consolidate the cooperation with the Young-DGM Augsburg in the future. The formation of the local group supports the MRM's goal of promoting materials science and facilitating the exchange of research results and ideas.

Congratulations to the founders of the Young-DGM Augsburg and thank you for the successful cooperation with the MRM!


Foundation certificate presented to the Young-DGM Augsburg DGM e.V.

In 2022, Professor Suelen Barg participated as an invited speaker in the 2022 MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit, held virtually on December 6, and in the 10th International Workshop on Interfaces - Design for Performance, held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, on September 6.


The MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit is a premier event for materials research and technology, bringing together scientists and engineers from around the world to share their insights and research findings. Professor Barg's presentation was part of the NM04.12 symposium, which focused on the latest developments in MXenes.

The 10th International Workshop on Interfaces - Design for Performance was also a high-profile event, attracting leading researchers from around the world.

Professor Barg's talks provided a unique perspective on the potential applications of 2D materials for the fabrication of functional 3D devices with tuned internal microstructures for applications such as energy storage and electrothermal heating.


As a group, we are eagerly anticipating the upcoming conferences this year. These events provide a valuable opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in our respective fields, to connect with colleagues from around the world, and to share our own research and findings. We are especially excited to attend conferences that have a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration, as we believe that this is key to driving innovation and making meaningful progress towards solving some of the world's most pressing challenges. We look forward to engaging in stimulating discussions and exchanging ideas with fellow researchers and practitioners.


Grouppicture Interfaces Workshop

On Wednesday, October 12, Prof. Volker Presser from University of Saarland paid a visit to the MRM. In addition to a guided tour of the institute and extensive discussions, this included a lecture that was open to all interested parties as part of the MRM Colloquium.

In his lecture, Prof. Presser reported on the results of his research group in the field of 2D materials for applications in energy technology and water treatment.

We thank Mr. Presser for the interesting lecture and the stimulating discussions!


© University of Augsburg

Every semester, various student councils with a materials science and engneering background from all over Germany, meet to discuss technical and university policy issues. In addition to excursions and scientific talks, this semester's side program included a MatWerk slam for the first time.


For this occasion a materials science topic should be presented as a science slam. The goal of this format is to explain complex topics in an easily understandable way and sometimes with a bit of humor. The MRM participated with a presentation on fiber ceramics for high temperature applications.


The two MRM presenters, Michéle Scholl and Kevin Postler, took the first place with their slam and thus won the colorful KeLcH (KaWuM's own alloy of chaotic origin).


More info about the KaWuM and the MatWerk Slam can be found at in the "News" tab.


Michéle Scholl und Kevin Postler beim Science-Slam © University of Augsburg