Sustainable CMC

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Group leader "Sustainable CMC" and assistant women's representative of MNTF
Materials Engineering
  • Phone: +49 821 598-69227
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  • Room 3011 (Building W)

Research topics

Until now, research and development of Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) has concentrated mainly on improving the mechanical, chemical and thermal properties of this group of materials, in addition to optimizing cost-effective production processes.

Recently, the focus has also expanded from the pure optimization of material properties to the consideration of the effects on the environment and emissions during the processing of CMC materials. Due to the increasing awareness of environmental impacts, the evaluation of these is of growing interest.
The Sustainable CMC working group addresses the issue of sustainability and energy efficiency in the production of fiber-reinforced ceramics. Optimization potentials along the complex process chain are investigated, verified and presented. Experiments are carried out to identify potential energy and resource savings with additional consideration of process-property correlations. The aim is to identify environmental optimization potential. One instrument for this is, for example, life cycle assessment (LCA). This is carried out on a laboratory scale with suitable diagnostics, but also as part of projects in cooperation with industrial partners to be able to classify the real production processes in terms of life cycle assessment. Realistic future scenarios are considered, such as the use of regenerative process energy and the further improvement of production technology.
In addition, the use of bio-based and/or recycled raw materials to produce CMCs will be investigated.
All these activities together enable the development of a holistic regenerative approach to the production of CMCs.