PhD opportunities

PhD opportunities

You can complete a Ph.D. (doctoral thesis) in American Studies supervised by Prof. Sarkowsky. Applicants need to have completed a graduate degree (M.A., first state exam in education, or equivalent) with an above-average grade (equivalent to the German “very good” or “good”). For more detailed information on formal requirements please see the specific regulations for doctoral degrees at the Faculty of Philology and History.


If you are interested in applying for the doctoral program in American Studies, please contact Prof. Sarkowsky directly.


The Ph.D. program in American Studies is comprised of three pillars:

A research colloquium, in which lecturers, doctoral candidates, and advanced students at the chair of American studies present and discuss their current research projects

An advanced seminar in American Studies, which meets weekly, and in which participants read and discuss recent publications and theories relevant to American Studies

One on one advisory meetings with Prof. Sarkowsky

The chair of American Studies also participates in the Graduate School for Humanities and Social Sciences in Augsburg (established in 2010) in the following doctoral programs: English/American Studies, Literary Studies, and Environmental Humanities.