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American Studies at Augsburg University builds on an understanding of the United States as shaped by transnational and transcultural processes, both in the present and in the past. This entails a conception of American Studies as North American Studies, which means that beyond our focus on US-American literatures and cultures, other texts produced in the Americas – such as ones originating from Canada or the borderlands between the United States and Mexico – are an integral part of our teaching and research.


Our research thus encompasses a wide range of knowledge interests, theoretical approaches and intellectual traditions, including literary, cultural, and media studies, the study of history, postcolonial theory, critical race theory, ecocriticism, gender and queer studies, and political theory. In the recent years, particular foci have included but were not limited to

  • Ethnic literatures and cultures (in particular, Native American, LatinX American, African American, and Asian American Studies) in the United States and Canada
  • Life Writing
  • Law and Culture
  • Citizenship Studies
  • Ecocritical writing, ecopoetry, ecocritical theory
  • Urban literary studies

Our teaching always seeks to connect the analysis of literature, film, and other cultural texts with an understanding of social, political, cultural and literary contexts and of current developments and transcultural frameworks. This allows students to grapple with the diversity of North/American experience and its literary and non-literary cultural expressions. Our teaching activities cover a range of materials (such as literature, art, photography, film, and TV), theoretical approaches, and various time periods, from the 18th century to the present. In addition, we help students to further develop their methodological tools for successful learning-, research-, and teaching experiences.


We offer classes in the BA and MA programs “English and American Studies”, the English teaching degree programs, as well as in the interdisciplinary programs “Nordamerikastudien” and “Internationale Literatur” and the MA program “Ethik der Textkulturen”.



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American Literature

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