Business Administration (M.Sc.)

Business Administration (M.Sc.)

Analogous to the bachelor’s programs, the master’s program also builds on the cluster system of the faculty. In the major, students gain deep knowledge of one specific area. The minor gives insights into other areas of business administration or economics. The combination of major and minor lectures delivers the necessary contents and methods for a successful career entry or a PhD.


The SMM cluster offers multiple courses for the respective major and minor. Those can also be selected within the module "General Management & Economics". Additionally, the chairs of the SMM cluster also participate in the module „Advanced Methods“ with variouse courses.


Please note: The selection of SMM as a major excludes SMM as an option for the minor.



Presentation of the SMM cluster (winter term 2022/2023)

Master's Thesis in Cluster SMM

For master’s thesises the SMM cluster does not offer a central application process. Students can find information on applications on the respective chair websites: