Interested in writing a bachelor or master thesis?


  • You are interested in writing your thesis about a marketing-relevant topic.
  • You are interested in high quality research and in combining scientific rigor with practical relevance.
  • You have successfully participated in at least one of our lectures (New Media Marketing, Services Marketing, Value Based Marketing, Advanced Services Marketing or Advanced Value Based Marketing) and one of our seminars (ideally a research seminar). Participation in one of our seminars is not a requirement for master students studying "Global Business Management".
  • In case of excess demand, bachelor/master students with an average grade of 2.5 or better will be preferred. Master students with an interest in an empirical thesis will also be preferred.

General Information

You can choose between writing your thesis either in English or in German.


Type of Theses

  • A conceptual thesis might involve the identification and definition of additional constructs that are added to an already existing conceptual framework. Additional constructs might include new dependent, independent, mediating, and/or moderating variables. Conceptual theses may also integrate or review already existing knowledge on a particular topic.
  • An empirical thesis might involve the empirical testing of theoretical relationships between constructs that have not previously been tested or investigating the psychometric properties of an existing measurement scale.

Exemplary Topics from Previous Terms

Bachelor Theses

  • Adoption of Voice-Based Virtual Assistants: Development of a Conceptual Framework
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Brand Management: A Literature Review
  • Customer Experience: Conceptualization and Differentiation from Related Constructs
  • Determinanten der Wahrnehmung von Kundendiskriminierung: Ein Literaturüberblick
  • Determinants of Customer Well-Being: A Literature Review
  • Reduction of Customer Stress in Service Interactions: Development of a Conceptual Model
  • Stereotypes in Advertising: A Literature Review
  • Success Factors and Consequences of Augmented Reality Usage in Retailing: A Conceptual Model
  • The Consumption of Second-Generation Migrants: A Literature Review
  • The Impact of Reputational Crises on Influencer Marketing: Development of a Conceptual Model

Master Theses

  • Competitive Showrooming: A Literature Review and Development of a Conceptual Framework

  • Customer Experience along the Customer Journey: Theoretical Conceptualization and Empirical Study

  • Ethische Führung: Entwicklung eines Trainingskonzepts

  • How to Communicate Environmental Sustainability in a Social Media Context - A Theoretical Model and Experimental Investigation

  • Sozialmarketing-Kampagnen zur Reduktion von CO2: Eine empirische Untersuchung der Effektivität von Eigen- vs. Gemeinnutzenappellen

  • Success Factors of International B2B E-Commerce

  • Technology-Based Self-Service Solutions in Service Recovery: Conceptual Framework and Empirical Findings

  • The Impact of Advertising Style on Brand Experience: Theoretical Conceptualization and Empirical Analysis

  • The Impact of Aesthetic Labor on Frontline Employees: A Conceputual Framework and Case Study of the Airline Industry

  • Voice- and Speech-Based Determinants of Brand Personality

Bachelor Theses

Bachelor students are encouraged to write a conceptual thesis within two months.


Application Process

An application is obligatory. To apply for writing a bachelor thesis at our chair, you have to join the following group on Digicampus and upload your application there. Please note that the Digicampus group is used to manage all bachelor thesis applications of the faculty cluster "Strategy & Information". Additional information regarding the faculty cluster's central application process for admission to bachelor thesis is available on the cluster's website.


Important Dates

  • Application deadline for Bachelor theses: April 18, 2021, 23.59h to apply for a thesis during the summer term


Please note that there will be a kick-off session for bachelor theses, in which topics and academic writing guidelines will be introduced. Further, there will be another meeting in seminar, in which all participants will present the structure of their theses and receive feedback from both their fellow students and supervisors.


  • Kick-off seminar for Bachelor theses: April 29, 2021, from 14.00h to 16.00h   
  • Seminar for presentations: May 26, 2021, from 10.00h

Master Theses

Master students are allowed to choose between writing a conceptual thesis (four months) or an empirical thesis (six months). Master students should have experience with empirical studies or be interested in practicing empirical research.


Application Process

To apply for writing a master thesis at our chair, please use the master thesis application form below. Note that incomplete applications will not be processed. You will be notified of acceptance or rejection via email one week after application deadline.


Important Dates

  • Application deadline for Master theses: April 18, 2021, 23.59h to apply for a thesis during the summer term


As the start of writing time can be determined individually by master students, there will be no kick-off session for master theses. However, we offer several individually scheduled appointments during the writing time. If needed, a time plan can be set by the supervisor. If you missed to apply by the deadline, please contact Janina Kleine to ask for supervision possibilities of your master thesis.