The lottery admission process

Under certain circumstances a lottery admission process may take place in the context of the allocation of study places. You can find out more information about the lottery admission process below.


When does a lottery admission process take place?


If the main and supplementary allocation processes for restricted admission degree programmes have already been completed and there are still study places available, a lottery-based admission process is carried out. For degree programmes that are allocated through, this takes place during the coordination and coordinated supplementary phases. The lottery admission process therefore takes place at a relatively late stage. If the lottery admission process takes place, it may occur after the beginning of the start of semester.


How can I take part in the lottery admission process?


Send your application to the email address provided on this page below. You must provide the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Contact details
  • Desired degree programme

Please send your application to the lottery admission process to the email address below. Please state the field of study in the subject line of the email. You will receive an automated confirmation upon receipt of the email. Please do not send any applications for degree programmes or disciplines that we do not offer (e.g., dentistry, psychology, pharmacy, etc.).

If the application is sent to another email address or via another avenue, participation in the lottery admission process cannot be guaranteed.


Can I participate in more than one lottery admission process?


It is possible to participate in the lottery admission process for more than one desired degree programme. Please send a separate email for each desired degree programme.


How will I be notified?


If you receive an admission, we will contact you. You will either receive an admission by post or by e-mail. Therefore, please check your e-mail regularly.


Please note: If you are not considered in a lottery admission process, you will not receive any notification. It is possible that several lottery admission processes take place for one degree programme. Therefore, rejection letters are not issued.



Email adress for the lottery admission process:


Please note: This email address is only for applying to the lottery admission process. For questions or information about other topics, please use the relevant communication channels.