Application documents

  • Secondary school leaving certificate (middle school, high school, etc.)
  • Where applicable, university degree certificate, academic transcript (including an overview of subjects taken and grades), or university entrance examination.
  • APS certificate for certificates issued in China, India, Vietnam and Mongolia
  • Certificate from the office for the recognition of non-German certificates and diplomas (Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle). This is mandatory for applications for Human Medicine - Augsburg Competency-Based medical Program)!
  • For doctoral studies, a confirmation of doctoral supervision is required in addition to degree certificate/s, which includes a statement about whether the candidate’s German language skills are sufficient or whether German language skills are required for the doctorate.


If the above documents are neither in German nor English, a certified translation of all documents by a sworn translator in Germany must be submitted.


COPIES will only be accepted if the originals are presented or if the documents are officially certified. Official certifications can be issued by:


  • a city/municipal administrator,
  • a notary,
  • another seal-bearing institution (such as the parish offices), or
  • the institution that issued the certificate.