Open admission degree programmes (without NC)

What is an open admission degree programme?


Open admission means that the degree programme does not have restricted admission (NC). If you meet the prerequisites for admission, you will receive a place in the programme. There is no actual allocation process for these degree programmes.


A account is not required for open admission degree programmes.


Register via the University of Augsburg’s VIBS portal and complete the online application and enrolment. Once this is complete, you will receive an enrolment request (Antrag auf Einschreibung). Please submit this together with the required documents (see below). Your documents will be checked upon receipt. If you meet the prerequisites, you will be enrolled.



What prerequisites do I need to meet?


You will receive a study place at the university if you meet the following prerequisites:


  • Higher education entrance qualification

You need to be in the possession of a higher education entrance qualification to enrol. Please refer to our webpage on higher education entrance qualifications for more information.


  • Aptitude assessment process or test

If your desired degree programme also requires an aptitude assessment process or test, you must register for it separately. Registration via the application portal is not sufficient. The process is carried out separately and has its own application deadline. If you receive confirmation of having successfully passed the aptitude assessment process or test, you must present it at enrolment. You can find more information on  aptitude assessment processes and tests via our website.



Are there quotas?


There are no quotas for open admission degree programmes as, for example, for second degree programmes or cases of hardship. If you meet the prerequisites for admission, you will receive a study place.



Are there any deadlines?


There is no application deadline in the strict sense. However, there are deadlines by which enrolment, or a change of enrolment, must be completed. Please submit your documents as early as possible so that any discrepancies can be clarified in good time. Only once you have been enrolled will you receive your university access (computer login) and be able to register for introductory events and courses.


Information on enrolment and deadlines can be found on the webpages of the Registrar’s Office.


Information on introductory events can be found on the webpages of the Student Advice and Counselling Service.


Late enrolment can disadvantage the start of your studies. Please submit your documents early.



What documents do I need to submit?


You can find a checklist of all the documents required for enrolment as well as further information on the webpages of the

Registrar’s OfficePlease submit all documents in full.





Register now!

You can register for open admission degree programmes via our online application portal (VIBS).

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