Mario Reichenbach M.Sc.

PhD student
Water and Soil Resource Research
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Room: 1026 (B)
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Curriculum Vitae

Mario Reichenbach is a PhD-Student working in the DFG funded Emma Noether Research Group TropSOC since February 2018. Within this project Mario assesses the extent to which the soil mineral phase influences the effects of soil disturbance through erosion on CNP dynamics in soil weathering systems in the Congo Basin, paying particular attention to C storage and C stabilization mechanisms in different soil fractions. This is closely tied to the question „How does geochemistry control, interact with or mediate the severity of erosional disturbance on C cycling in the critical zone of tropical soil?“.

He did his B.Sc. in Physical Geography at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and carried out his Bachelor Thesis in the northernmost part of Namibia focussing on soil ecological assessments on agricultural areas. He finished his M.Sc. in Geoscience/ Geology/ Paleontology. For his master thesis he conducted a geological mapping in the austrian alps and reconstructed the palecological parameters and sedimentary processes of the cretaceous Mittagsspitz formation.

Research foci

  • Quantification of stable/ labile soil C fractions in tropical soils on different geologies
  • Soil fractionations and C stabilizatoin mechanisms in different soil geochemistries and geomorphic positions
  • Sequential mineral extraction and clay classification
  • Evaluation of novel techniques for high-resolution, low cost soil assessment techniques in tropical systems suitable for large scale assessments (FT-IR spectroscopy)


2023 | 2021


Reichenbach, Mario, Fiener, Peter, Hoyt, Alison, Trumbore, Susan, Six, Johan, Doetterl, Sebastian (2023): Soil carbon stocks in stable tropical landforms are dominated by geochemical controls and not by land use.
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Reichenbach, Mario, Fiener, Peter, Garland, Gina, Griepentrog, Marco, Six, Johan, Doetterl, Sebastian (2021): The role of geochemistry in organic carbon stabilization against microbial decomposition in tropical rainforest soils.
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