Current Guests


Dr. Ceenu George

Guest Lecturer, Post-Doc at LMU


Web: Ceenu George



Stay from 01.09.2021 -       30.08.2022



As of September 1, 2021, Dr. Ceenu George is a Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Applied Computer Science, in the Department of Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. Her research focuses on the use of VR (Virtual Reality) applications in public and collaborative venues. Her research has three main foci: (1) security and privacy, (2) communication with physical collaborators, and (3) dealing with presence, both in physical and virtual reality. The overarching vision of her research is to reduce the separation between virtual and physical reality by developing usable and secure applications that enable seamless interaction between the two realities.



Mani Kumar Tellamekala

PhD guest student University of Nottingham





Stay from 25.10.21- 31.01.22        



Mani Kumar is a final year PhD student in the Computer Vision Laboratory at the University of Nottingham, supervised by Prof. Michel Valstar. His primary research interests include audiovisual affect recognition with a focus on labelled data-efficient representation learning and nondeterministic regression models. He received his Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from IIIT RK Valley, India.

Former Guests


Matteo Lavit Nicora

PhD guest student STIIMA–CNR Milano



Stay from 06.11.- 27.11.2021 

Matteo Lavit Nicora is a Mechanical Engineer, graduated cum laude at Politecnico di Milano in 2019. He completed his master thesis at the University of Florida laboratories in a project aimed at developing intelligent human-robot collaboration for smart factories, which led to a first publication for the Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering. Since February 2020, he started operating for STIIMA–CNR as a Graduate Research Fellow and, starting November 2021, he is also enrolled in the Mechanics and Advanced Engineering Sciences PhD program at the University of Bologna. His main research activities focus on the design of human-centred control systems for mechatronic devices in social, rehabilitation and industrial applications. In particular, he works on the exploitation of social, physiological and psychological signals with the aim of characterizing and improving the user’s experience while in interaction with robotic devices.

Si Liu

April Liu

Phd student at ICMAT (Madrid)


Languages: Chinese, English


Stay from 13.01.2020 to      to31.05.2020




Ms. Liu’s research for doctoral thesis is about social robotics in the framework of Adversarial Risk Analysis.
Her main area of interest includes Optimization, Game Theory, Decision Theory, Statistics and Machine Learning.

Dr. Tom Giraud

Dr. Tom Giraud

Guest Lecturer, post-doc at LIMSI-CNRS


Languages: French, English


Stay from 1.10.2019 to    29.02.2020




Dr. Tom Giraud was offering a multimedia project on "Computer-Assisted Therapy of Autism Patients" with a volume of 12 SWS per week over a period of two months - as an elective module for the bachelor's program in Computer Science and the new program in Medical Information Sciences and as a compulsory module for the bachelor's program in Computer Science and Multimedia. He is also working on a cooperation with the Dominikus Ringeisen Werk.

In collaboration with the psychologist Prof. Jacqueline Nadel, one of the most famous autism researchers worldwide, Dr. Giraud has developed a tangile virtual environment for the therapy of autism patients. This environment enables autistic children to perform actions together with a virtual character. This environment was developed at our chair. Within the multimedia project the use of this tangile virtual environment can be investigated in a facility with autistic patients.

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Lorenzo Gatti

Dr. Lorenzo Gatti

Visiting doctoral student


Web: Lorenzo Gatti


Stay from 18.09.2017 to 22.11.2017




PhD guest student from the University of Trento (Italy)

Currently PostDoc at the University of Twente Netherlands.

Prof. Wanner

Prof. Dr. Leo Wanner

Guest Lecturer


Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona




Prof. Wanner from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona was a guest of the chair in the winter semester 2014. He offered the course "Computer-based generation of natural language".


Prof. Wanner works in the field of computational linguistics.His research foci include automatic multilingual report generation, automatic summarization of written material and information extraction. He is furthermore interested in lexicology and lexicography, and there, in particular, in the recognition, representation and use of lexical idiosyncrasies by both native speakers and learners of a language.

Chiew Sean Tan Seng

Visiting doctoral student


Stay from 12.05.2014 to 18.07.2014

PhD guest student at the University of Hasselt, Belgium

Dr. Brigitte Krenn

Guest Lecturer


Researcher and lecturer at the Austrian Institute for Artificial Intelligence ÖFAI




Stay in winter term 2013/14



Dr. Brigitte Krenn is a researcher and lecturer at the Austrian Institute for Artificial Intelligence (ÖFAI). In winter semester 13/14 she visited us as a guest lecturer at the University of Augsburg. She offered the internship Game Programming and Artificial Intelligence.


Brigitte Krenn is head of Unit of OFAI's Language and Interaction Technologies Group.

Brigitte Krenn's overall research interest lies in understanding and computationally modelling human communication and interaction capabilities. Her work centers around two pilars.
The one is core language technology combining deep linguistic analysis and shallow corpus-based approaches to text processing.
The other one focuses on multi-modal communicative interaction, including modelling virtual agent behaviours, multimodal dialogue, dialogue and memory, language understanding from the point of view of a situated cognizer, as well as assessing the implications of multimodal signals on the socio-emotional evaluation of the sender (speaker) by the receiver (hearer).




Prof. Dr. Jean-Claude Martin

Guest Lecturer, Professor at LIMSI-CNRS






Stay from 23.10.2012 to 22.11.2012



Professor Jean-Claude Martin is Professor at Université Paris Sud, France.


In the winter semester 2012 he gave a lecture on "Virtual Humans" and led the internship "Multimodal User Interfaces".


Prof. Klügl

Prof. Dr. Franziska Klügl

Guest Lecturer


Professor at Örebro University, Danmark





Stay in WS 2011/12

and SS 2012




After visiting Augsburg University for a couple of month in 2010/2011 in a collaboration project with the groups of Prof. Andre and Prof. Timpf (Geoinformatics), I'm back: From October 2011 to August 2012, I'm happy to work as a Guest Professor at the Institut für Informatik, University of Augsburg. Originally, I'm full professor in Information Technology at the Örebro University in Örebro, Sweden (>200km west of Stockholm). There, I'm heading the Research Team Multiagent Simulation at the Modeling and Simulation Research Center. On my home webpages, more information about my research and my publications can be found. In Örebro I'm teaching in the International Master's Program in Robotics and Intelligent Systems as well as in the Bacholor Program on Computer Science for Simulation and Games.

During my time as a Guest Professor, I'm giving a number of courses at the University of Augsburg:



Vorlesung: Einführung in die Künstliche Intelligenz (erste Vorlesung am 18.4., 14:00 in 1058/N)

Seminar: Geosimulation (Anmeldung über LectureReg, Vorbesprechung, 17.4., 17:30 in 1057/N)

Seminar: Naturanaloge Algorithmen und Multiagentensysteme mit Prof. Hähner (Anmeldung über Digicampus, Vorbesprechung 25.4. um 12:15 in 1057/N)

Praktikum: Multiagentensysteme (Anmeldung über LectureReg, Vorbesprechung, 16.4., 15:45 2026/N) 




Vorlesung: Multiagentensysteme

Techniken der Verkehrssimulation

Together with Michael Wissner: Praktikum: Multimodale User Interfaces: Virtuelles Klassenzimmer

Together with Prof. Sabine Timpf (Geoinformatics), I'm organizing a "Methodenseminar" in Geoinformatics.

Emilie Brihi

Visiting student


Stay in summer 2011

A visiting second year student at McGill University, in Montréal

funded by a RISE Internship

Julia Sidorova

Julia Sidorova

Visiting student from UPF Spain



Stay from 01.01.2009 to 31.03.2009 and from 23.06.2009 to 03.08.2009

A visiting student from group for voice and language, UPF, Spain, and collaborator on emotion recognition.