Anan Schütt M.Sc.

Research Assistent
Chair for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence
Phone: +49 821 598 2322
Room: 2016 (N)
Address: Universitätsstraße 6a, 86159 Augsburg

Research Interests

  • Adaptive Education
  • Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment
  • Educational Data Mining
  • Interaction Design
  • Student Engagement

Topics for Student Thesis

I'm happy to supervise Bachelor and Master theses. I list the potential topics below, but other student-initiated topics close to my research interests are also welcome.


  • Applying and analysing the Effects of Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment
  • Educational Recommendation System
  • Interaction Design for Educational Videos


  • Schütt, A., Huber, T., Nasir, J., Conati, C., & André, E. (2024, March). Does Difficulty even Matter? Investigating Difficulty Adjustment and Practice Behavior in an Open-Ended Learning Task. In Proceedings of the 14th Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (pp. 253-262).
  • Schütt, A., Huber, T., Aslan, I., & André, E. (2023). Fast Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment for Intelligent Tutoring Systems with Small Datasets. In Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Educational Data Mining (pp. 482-489).