BIGEKO - Bidirectional sign language communication via AI-based translation of text and sign language.


Start of the Project: 01.03.2023
Duration: 36 month
Funded by: BMBF
Scientific Responsibility: Prof. Dr. Elisabeth André
Involved Researcher: Dr. Ömer Sümer
Webseite:  BIGEKO

About the Project

The joint project BIGEKO develops and researches the use of a bidirectional online translation system with analysis of communicated emotions between deaf and hearing people in emergency and help situations. The goal is to enable deaf people to communicate digitally barrier-free via sign language in direct contact with emergency services to report an accident or file a report. The BIGEKO system offers the added value of simplifying communication between hearing and deaf people, strengthening trust and safety, and enhancing quality of life. Communicated emotions (e.g. fear) in signs provide important additional situational information to emergency services. Scenarios from the police context will serve as demonstrators, which will be worked out, developed and evaluated together with deaf and hearing people from the respective target groups within the framework of a co-creation concept.