Doctoral Candidates

Scientists from various disciplines and universities are currently working on their doctoral theses under Prof. Simone M. Müller.

Doctoral Candidates

R. Bichler Regina Bichler

Regina Bichler, MS

Ph.D. student at the Rachel Carson Center, LMU Munich


studied Chemistry, Biochemistry and Japanese studies in Munich, Pavia and Osaka and is part of the DFG Emmy Noether research group “Hazardous Travels. Ghost Acres and the Global Waste Economy”.


In her PhD research "The “Zero Waste Cities“ Munich and Kamikatsu: waste prevention, recycling and the integration of technological innovations to establish sustainable waste practices", she analyzes social practices related to consumption and waste in Munich, Kamikatsu, and Kyoto.





L. Cahn © University of Augsburg

Livia Cahn, MA

Ph.D. student at the Rachel Carson Center, LMU Munich


trained in anthropology at the University of Cambridge, and at the EHESS in Paris and is part of the international doctorate program, Rethinking Environment.


Her research work titled „Digging into Core Collections: Underground Environments” is an ethnographic inquiry into how two historical collections of drill core samples are written into contemporary climate discourses related to the underground. You can read more about it here.




C. Meier Caroline Meier

Caroline Meier, MA

Ph.D. student at the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE)


studied Sports Management and Communication (B.A., M.Sc.) at the German Sport University Cologne, and International Relations (M.A.) at Leiden University and is part of the graduate program at the Biosphere Reserves Institute at the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development.


Brief Introduction C. Meier


In her doctoral project "UNESCO retold - a Latin American perspective on Ecology and Economy", she is investigating the role of Latin American delegates in the founding phase of UNESCO with regard to the importance of nature and the environment.




D. Schmitz © University of Augsburg

Danielle Schmitz, MA

Ph.D. student at the Rachel Carson Center, LMU Munich


studied economics with courses specialised in global change ecology and energy. She completed her BA in Economics from Calgary, Canada, before moving to Bayreuth, Germany, to complete her MA in Philosophy & Economics.


Her Ph.D. thesis "How Economists “See” the Environment: Textual Framing and Research Bias in Current Economic Research on the Environment, 2016-today" combines economics and ecology to study research framing in economic studies of the environment.  Read more.